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I make dog portraits using wool. I use wool as my paint and a special barbed needle to stab the wool onto the background material. I use a customers photo to recreate your dog in extreme realism. I can make as portraits, or on cushions, bags or as inserts in Jewellery boxes. I can also make the portrait using the dogs own fur with some wool for eyes, nose, mouth etc, or if its short hair I can incorporate the fur into the wool either as a small heart inside the portrait or just mixed in with the wool. I can also make dog memorial hearts that would be in a box frame with the dogs photo, name and a touching phrase. I make to order and this would make a wonderful gift. I offer various sizes, prices and options. I also offer 10% discount for NHS workers and I offer gift vouchers. I operate a waiting list for my commissions, so act now as spaces are limited
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