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He was an exceptional police dog who sniffed out hundreds of criminals. s and even starred in a TV series. Mij, an English springer spaniel, joined Nottinghamshire Police as a puppy and spent nine years helping put crooks behind bars. The super sniffer dog once caught a drug dealer red-handed, who handed himself in after recognising Mij from a TV series on police dogs. The crook gave himself up because he knew Mij would find his bag of cocaine in his car. On another occasion he uncovered a gun which had been used in an armed robbery and buried in a garden. He also sniffed out two live rounds of ammunition under a paving slab. On another raid, Mij's incredible snout even detected a stash of drugs hidden in a tub of coffee. Sadly, Mij has died aged 17. Leading the tributes to Mij, his former handler PC Stu Hazard said: “Like a lot of spaniels Mij was absolutely crazy. He really wasn’t the most obedient dog at all – but he was absolutely stunning at what he was trained to do, which was to sniff out drugs, cash, firearms and ammunition. Over the years we spent together he sniffed out probably hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of drugs – in cars, in houses and even in dark fields. He was that good as a sniffer dog that it was pretty much impossible to hide anything from him."
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