Charlie | TeamDogs
Charlie passed on 28/08/2021. He was a cockerpoo and only 11 years old. He was taken far too soon and had been living a very active happy life still. About 3 weeks before he had developed a slight limp on his left front leg. The vet did not seem unduly concerned and prescribed Anti inflammatories. His limp all but disappeared after about a week but then when out walking on his lead he suddenly squealed out in pain. Something catastrophic had happened to his leg so we rushed him to the out of hours vet. X-rays revealed his leg had fractured due to tumour destroying the bone and there was Mets on his lungs. We were totally devastated. He was the most cleverest beautiful friend and we decided that evening to allow him to go to rainbow bridge. We loved him far too much to contemplate amputation and chemotherapy etc as we believe it would prolong his suffering with the same outcome. Charlie you will never ever be forgotten and we will always love you. Until we meet again