Sindy & Snowy | TeamDogs
We had had Snowy for as long as I can remember - Mum probably got him when I was a toddler. A brilliant dog very loyal and he often used to slip out and take himself for walks. One evening we were pottering around the house as usual, tripping over him in every room we went in, which was rather usual as being a Jack Russell he was pretty small. It was only when we all sat down to watch evening TV that we realised he had entered the room twice and there had not been just Snowy but a second dog - almost identical that had been spending the day with us also! This gorgeous little girl decided to stay with us and no one claimed her, so we named her Sindy after our dolls. Mum got poorly with the big C and before I was 9 she was gone. Sindy and Snowy never ate after that and they rarely left their bed. This is when this pic was taken, the last one before we had to have them put down. They lost the will to live after Mum had gone and they became seriously ill. The best dogs ever and loyal to Mum to the very end. It's comforting to know they are all together now 🐾
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