Ollie | TeamDogs
This is Ollie with my cat Wispa, when she was a kitten. We rehomed him at eight-years-old, as a retired guide dog. We knew his owner and she asked us to take him. We thought he might struggle to adapt from the routine life of a guide dog to family life, but he absolutely loved it, and ended up being the cheekiest of the gang! We had two other dogs at the time. Sadly they both passed away in the same weekend, so we got puppies AND kittens not long after. This is not something you'd do with every older dog but Ollie was so gentle and loving we knew it would work. Ollie was the grandad of the family, and he looked after the puppies and kittens as if they were his own - as you can see here! He was absolutely lovely - a gentle giant. We were very sad to see him go.