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If you have a whippet, sighthound, or any dog that has 'selective hearing' this is for you. We started using the ACME whistle with our Whippet around 3 years ago and cannot stress enough just how much of a game-changer it's been. If there’s a small furry squirrel in the distance there isn’t much we can do to stop our Whippet Lolly from bolting after it which is why her recall is so important. The ACME whistle has given us so much peace of mind when we’re out and about in new parks, places where distractions are high, and on our local walks too. The key to successful training is all about associating the sound of the whistle with a great thing - something worthy of abandoning the chase! We started indoors, blowing the whistle and rewarding right away with something high value. We continued this for a few weeks, upping the distance in the house and introducing a few distractions (like toys) before feeling confident taking her outdoors. Setting them up for success is crucial so we’d only go to quiet places with minimal distractions for training, repeating what we’d done in the house. Only once we were satisfied that she understood what the whistle command meant did we start to use it in real-life situations. We don’t go on a walk without it now, and it’s gotten us out of some pretty hairy situations too.