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There is nothing worse for a dog owner than seeing your pet poorly, especially when it’s life threatening. Teddie took unwell last August when he was only 6 months old, initially acting very lethargic and slowly digressing into full seizures. It was way above what our local vet was able to help with, and we were referred as an emergency to our local veterinary hospital, Wear Referrals. Teddie was in a state of sedation by the time we arrived and I handed my poorly puppy over wrapped up in a blanket, genuinely unsure if I would ever see him alive again. The neurological team at Wear were incredible, calmly and clearly carrying out a telephone consultation to talk us through the plan of action and what risks were involved, so we were fully informed and braced. Within just a few hours, Teddie had had a series of tests and scans and was diagnosed with MUO, a type of inflammation of the brain and its lining, and a clear plan of action for Teddie’s treatment and recovery was outlined. MUO isn’t curable, only manageable, and needed a very aggressive treatment plan including steroids, anti-seizure medication and regular intervals of chemotherapy. There is a chance Teddie could relapse at any point and there have been some scares along the way, and Teddie has been readmitted to Wear twice since for more investigations and treatment. On both hospital admittances and all his full-day chemo visits, I am always assured that Teddie is in the best place and in the best hands. He bounds in without looking back every time, and it is clear how much the nurses and vets love him, so he is never short of attention and affection during his visits. Due to the high chance of relapse and various other issues Teddie has, I am regularly on the phone to Wear asking for advice to ensure I manage everything as well as I possibly can, and they are always happy to take the time to look into queries and the expert advice given always puts my mind at ease. I couldn’t recommend Wear Referrals enough. They made one of the most stressful and upsetting experiences of my life as manageable as they possibly could, and the combination of amazing veterinary talent and wonderful care is second to none. As I say, having a sick pet is one of the worst things a dog owner could imagine, but if you do have to experience this, you’d want Wear looking after your precious pup.
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