Molly | TeamDogs
My name is Molly, I’m an 18-month old Dalmatian and I adore running in the countryside (even better if I get to chase some crows while I’m at it). I’m very good at coming back because I like treats.The best part of my days are when my owner puts on his running gear and takes me out for a run, I get quite competitive too if I see other people running. I’m very good at barking when someone walks up the front path and best not to leave any food lying around as I can’t resist such temptations. I’m pretty sure one of my main jobs is to destroy soft toys, as my owners keep buying them for me - I think my best record is 10 minutes. I’ll keep trying to beat that score though. I’m usually the first up in my house, which is good because it makes sure I get fed nice and early I adore cheese (have I mentioned I like food?!). Oh and fish, I think fish skins may just edge cheese, the jury is still out I’m longer than I look and can pretty much take over an entire sofa when my humans are watching TV at night.  
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