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Your thoughtful gift ideas for Jarvis the retired cocker spaniel who donated his tennis balls in the park

Our TeamDogs community have rallied together to give a little bit of kindness back

Nia Dalton

Posted 31d ago

Ozzy was surprised to find the cardboard box of tennis balls on his walk in the park (Image: Kayley Drewitt)

The story of Jarvis, the retired cocker spaniel who donated his tennis balls for other dogs to enjoy, touched our hearts here at TeamDogs. 

Our dog-loving community were so moved by the kindness and goodwill of 11-year-old Jarvis and his owner, Lian Wymer, from Ely in Cambridgeshire, that we decided we wanted to send the old dog a special gift to say “thank you”. 

To help us choose the most perfect present for such a good boy, we asked you to send in your suggestions on our Facebook page - and your responses have been amazing.

From cuddly toys to cosy blankets and interactive mats, we have been inundated with heartwarming ideas that Jarvis would most definitely love. 

Jarvis would carry his ball wherever he went (Image: Lian Wymer)

We all supported Tony Watson’s suggestion to “buy that pup anything she wants and anything she needs!”

Gemma Jaleel’s idea of “a squeaky sausage! My dogs love theirs!” made us smile.

And we loved Paul McAuley’s idea to organise “A mate date with Ozzy - the dog who found the tennis balls.”

Many people suggested Orthopaedic beds to help with Jarvis’ severe arthritis, which is why he’s had to retire from ball games.

“One of those fluffy stress relieving beds so he can relax,” Andrea Southern said. 

“OMG I have got tears in my eyes. Yes agree with comment a lovely fluffy Orthopaedic bed there are some lovely comfy ones which will be so comfortable for him and a lovely fluffy new toy to share it with him,” Margaret Benson agreed.

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And thinking of Jarvis’ senior years, people recommended teddy companions and soft snuffle mats. 

“Jarvis is a sweetheart - maybe TeamDogs should get him a cuddly toy he can snuggle up with in his old age?” Fiona Callow said. 

“How about a snuffle mat?? They are so lovely and soft and can be used for snoozing and hiding nibbles, and they’re a nice place to lay a beautiful head to dream of the old days chasing tennis balls #eyesleaking,” Jilly Beattie commented. 

The full list of present ideas you suggested:

  • Football
  • Snuffle mat
  • Luxury bed
  • Orthopaedic bed
  • Cuddly toy
  • Squeaky sausage
  • Soft blanket
  • Joint supplements
  • A mate date with Ozzy
  • KONG senior dog toy
  • Anything Jarvis wants and needs
  • Steak

It is so lovely to see our TeamDogs community coming together, and we are very thankful for all of your thoughtful suggestions. 

Although Jarvis and Lian made the donation without any expectation of anything at all in return, we can’t wait to see his old wagging tail when we send him a gift of gratitude. 

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