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Your photos of the dogs currently in the running to be named the UK’s Favourite Breed

There’s just one week left to cast your vote

Danielle Elton

Posted 2 months ago

Dog lovers have been championing their favourite breeds in our quest to find the UK’s most loved.

TeamDogs, in association with Pooch & Mutt, has been on a mission to crown Britain's most favoured breed - but who will reign supreme? 

Staffies have retained the top spot since day one and are looking likely to claim the title but that could all change with your vote.

We’ll be crowning the winner next week but there’s still time to influence the poll by having your say before the top dog is announced on Saturday, August 13.

Sadly, we’ve already said goodbye to some adorable breeds - Corgis, Toy Poodles and Dobermanns were among those eliminated in the last round.

But as this competition comes to a close, we’ve taken a look at the photos you’ve shared of your favourite breeds.

Basset Hound - currently 18th place

Leanne Hawthorne made the case for Basset Hounds over on the Belfast Live Facebook page, she said: “Who could not love that wee happy face?! Bassett Hound - best natured dog in the world.”

Unfortunately, it seems not enough people agree, this adorable breed is currently in 18th place and in danger of being eliminated.

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Another fan of the breed Gillian Cunningham commented: “Basset Hounds are the most amazing dogs.”

Jack Russell - currently 10th place

CoventryLive has been championing Jack Russells, and it seems some of its readers are in agreement.

Rebecca Gibbs said: “Yep the best intelligent loyal and loving dogs.”

Kay Hill said: Jack Russell’s are the best dogs so intelligent and playful. Terrier through and through though would chase anything. Miss mine every day.”

Nicola Foster said: “I have a Jack Russell and a Springer Spaniel. They are the most loving, amazing, funny doggies. Love them to bits.”

At 10th place, climbing the leaderboard isn’t out of the question. Give them a helping hand by casting your vote.

German Shepherd - currently 7th place

Currently in the top 10 and still in with a chance is the German Shepherd, supported by the Manchester Evening News.

Posting a photo of her dog, Emma Baker said: “All dogs are beautiful but I have to be a little bias because I own this little one. So German Shepherd.”

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Steve Hodgeson said: “German shepherd all the way. Wonderful intelligent dogs.”

Karen Beswick added: “I tend not to favour the small breeds , but they all have a certain charisma. German shepherds are loyal and faithful companions. Our girl loves unconditionally.”

West Highland Terrier - currently 13th place

It may come as no surprise to learn that it is the DailyRecord backing the Westie - and many readers were the same.

Posting a photo of her dog, Violet Warren said: “This is our 4th westie in the family, just love them, but they can be very stubborn.”

While Lesley Murphy, who posted a photo of her dog Bonnie, added: “Best wee dogs by far. Bonnie Murphy.”

Patricia Anne Watters said: “Love Oscar my wee westie.”

Angie Johnson really championed them, saying: “Omg absolutely love the West Highland Terrier - I’m really lucky enough to have owned two - Mac from 6 weeks old. 

“Until his passing - 15 years later. Broke my heart, also my Children’s. I then reached a milestone Birthday and managed to buy a Female from the Westie Rehome site. Again such beautiful natured Dogs - best ever.”

Springer Spaniel - currently 12th place

Although currently in 12th position, the top ten is still within reach for the Springer Spaniel and your vote could make all the difference.

Vivienne Bilton told DevonLive: “100 per cent for their intelligence, easy to train, loyalty, easy going nature & they don't have little dog syndrome.”

Adam Vyvian Mundy said: “Grew up with a pair of Springers, couldn't have had better companions or more fun, but we did get into a bit of trouble occasionally!!”

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While Sarah Ashelford favoured a Springer cross, she said: “Sprollie (springer cross collie) smart loving grate with children, and a very good looking dog.”

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