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Your dog walking outfit guide

Be prepared for everything with our dog walking outfit guide. By Emily Chudy

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Whether you're going for a stroll around the block with your pup, or an all-day hike, dog walking needs just the right amount of equipment to make the job a breeze. After all, you're not just walking by yourself, you may need poo bags, treats, toys, and more to keep your pet happy.

Here are the best picks for dog walking outfits that will keep you clean, dry, and prepared for every muddy adventure you take with your four-legged friend.

What should you wear to a dog walk?


If you're looking for a long walk – or even run – with your dog, this T-shirt can be worn on its own or layered, and wicks away sweat:

For taking your dog out without the hassle of grabbing loads of equipment, this jacket has loads of pockets and storage, so you'll never need to worry about bringing a bag with you:

If you're just going for a short walk, you won't need any fancy sweat-wicking technology, simply a fun top to let everyone know you're a dog person. We at Team Dogs think this unisex “everything I own is covered in dog hair” T-shirt is sadly relatable:

Image: SwankUK Etsy


If you're doing a lot of long walks with your dog, you'll need something stretchy and comfortable, that you can trek for ages in without it feeling too tight. These leggings are slim enough to wear in town, and durable enough for a long walk:

For dog-walking in the summer, all you really need is to throw on a T-shirt and you're good to go. These stretchy shorts are cheap and cheerful, and are suitable for short walks or long hikes:

Going for a walk on a really rainy day? You'll need waterproof trousers to protect yourself from wet weather and mud: 

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The trusty bum bag is actually coming back into fashion after years of being considered “uncool”, and this one has loads of room and pockets for all the things your dog may need on a walk:

For a much-needed rest during longer walks, why not try transporting your pet in a specially-made rucksack? This bag will carry dogs up to 18kg, and is perfect for small dogs with not too much stamina, or elderly dogs who still want to accompany you on longer walks:

Some dogs require a lot of gadgets on long walks – water bowls, toys, treats... this bag has enough storage for all of it, and even has a breathable side pocket for stowing wet toys after being played with:

Image: HertsCreations/Etsy


If you're walking the dog at nighttime, it's a good idea to wear reflective clothing for safety, and to make sure you're being seen by cars. This one from Adidas is partly made from recycled ocean plastic:

Picking up dog waste is definitely not the most glamorous aspect of owning a pet, but you can make it a little more stylish with a leather poo bag holder – you'll never forget a plastic bag again!

Going to the park to work on your dog's tricks? A treat bag to hold your dog's favourite snacks is a great addition to your outfit, and this one has belt and bag attachments:


Doc Martens are a classic for a reason; stylish, unisex, and can simply be wiped clean after a muddy dog walk. These are the brand's most famous style, and are guaranteed to last you a long time:

Nike Air Force 1's are comfortable, springy, and perfect for long dog walks. We've chosen the black style rather than classic white, as they're less likely to be ruined if your dog runs through a muddy puddle with you:

If you have a particularly active dog – like a Border Collie – and will be hiking, climbing and running with your pet often, you'll need a good pair of walking boots. We like these, as they have memory foam around the tongue and ankle for extra comfort:


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For your dog

If you have a particularly nervous or reactive dog, a collar stamped with “nervous” may be a good idea, and give people a warning not to touch or come close to your dog:

A hoodie for your four-legged friend might be a good accessory for those cold British winters:

If you live somewhere where it snows a great deal, winter booties are a brilliant way of protecting your pet's feet from the cold... not to mention they're incredibly cute:  

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