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You smile more with a Samoyed

Walking him is always an experience

Helen Harper

Posted 2 months ago

TeamDogs invited readers to tell us about their favourite breed of dog if it wasn't listed in our Best Breeds Leaderboard.

Here Simon Stiel writes about Samoyed.

In January 2013, my brother was staying at a friend's house and he saw on a wall a picture of a dog, a mixture of a Samoyed/Siberian Husky. 

In February that year I suffered a mental breakdown. When dealing with the consequences of the breakdown my brother said to my mum, "Get a dog, it'll be good for Simon." 

My mum found a Samoyed breeder in Gloucestershire and in June, a puppy we called Jack came home. 

Jack got me through my breakdown. His smiles and white fur are great to see and hug. Walking him is always an experience as many other walkers say what a lovely thing Jack is. 

If you walk him by a school during a break, schoolchildren see him, exclaim: 'Nice doggy!' and reach through the fence to stroke him. Jack leans against it and laps it up.

Most of all, I love hugging Jack. He's made me a more physically affectionate person. I am autistic and I have shied away from hugs even from family members and friends. Thanks to Jack, I am happy being hugged. 

The Samoyed nature is a good-natured, positive one. 

You smile more with a Samoyed and I certainly do.