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You can buy a cuddly life-sized fabric clone of your dog

Cuddle Clones offer the chance to immortalise your dog as a giant cushion.

Susan Griffin

Posted 48d ago

We often refer to our dogs as being like teddy bears as they’re so adept at providing comfort and cuddles when it’s needed most, but you can actually get a fluffy replica of your four-legged friend as a forever keepsake through a company called Cuddle Clones.

It’s the brainchild of co-founder Jennifer Williams who was inspired by her dog Rufus, a Harlequin Great Dane with different coloured eyes. Years ago, she was taking a nap with him when it occurred to her how brilliant it would be to have a cuddly, custom copy of him.

His unique markings meant she couldn’t just pick up a stuffed animal like him from a shop, so it would need to be bespoke, but Williams didn’t pursue the idea until Rufus passed away. Rufus, the Great Dane, who inspired Cuddle Clones (Cuddle Clones)

“In that moment, I just wanted to hug Rufus again and have a lasting and tangible memorial to honour that relationship and that’s when Cuddle Clones was born,” she explains on their website. 

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Williams and co-founder Adam Greene began their market research to see if there was a market for the custom stuffed animals. There was, and it was huge, including students going off to college, military personnel being deployed, and senior citizens moving into assisted living. “But the biggest segment of all was just the crazy pet lovers who thought they’re a super cute way to celebrate the love for their pet,” says Williams.

A Cuddle Clones replica of a little dog called Gibbs (Instagram/undeadwraith)

The process begins by typing in your pet’s name, as well the type of animal and breed, which then takes you to a page which is akin to a simplistic version of how they create the Madame Tussauds waxworks. 

You’re asked to upload photos of your pet’s face, fur colour, back, left and right sides, as well as chest, tail, back of neck and feet. You then need to choose the correct eye colour, ear position and any distinguishing characteristics, as well as the dog’s age. 

You then need to include preferred mouth, body (lying down, sitting or standing) and tail position and whether or not you’d like a hidden pouch that can be used for mementos or even their ashes. And that’s it. Depending how quickly you want to receive your furry replica, it can take between two and eight weeks and start at around $199 (approx. £145).

A picture of Hero and the Cuddle Clones replica (Instagram/Schmem Rankin)

One of their customers, Schmem Rankin, shared a picture of her Plush Clone on Instagram (@schmem24) along with a picture of her dog who passed away in November 2020. She wrote: “I lost my best friend to cancer. Devastated doesn’t even cover how I felt/feel. She saved my family and I from a house fire in 2011. She was there for everything. All the ups, downs and mediums, she never left my side. Hero was the PERFECT dog for me! She never cared what I looked like, if I was moody, or if I didn’t want to get off the couch. She loved me unconditionally. I never thought I would lose her so soon. I had 10 wonderful years with her. I have never loved something SO MUCH. Thankyou @cuddleclones for making me a wonderful keepsake of my best friend. It is PERFECT!!’

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Another customer (@undeadwraith) described the replica of his dog Gibbs bringing a tear to his eye, even though little Gibbs is still alive, and another (@9168max) credits his duplicate dog as keeping his nerves calm on the golf course.

This golf driver head cover looks familiar (Instagram/9168max)

They not only create the Plush Clones, however. Customers can also choose a bespoke figurine or have their dog emblazoned on all sorts of items, including mug, phone case, beer holder, face mask, blanket and a golf driver head covers. And as a thoughtful extra touch, the team volunteer their time, and a proportion of the company’s profits to help animals in need. A win-win all round for every dog lover.

For more information, visit Cuddle Clones.

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