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Would you know what to do if your dog was choking?

How basic first aid could help save your dog’s life

Danielle Elton

Posted 3 months ago ago

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Our dogs are our furbabies, we treat them as though they are our children, and they’re probably the most pampered member of the family.

But with all that love and devotion to our four-legged friends also comes worry. 

All owners can probably relate to many sleepless nights if their dogs have not eaten their usual amount, they appear unwell or are just generally acting out of character.

That’s why as responsible pet owners, basic pet first aid can be a godsend. Of course we have our vets, but knowing what to do in an emergency could potentially save your dog’s life.

And basic dog first aid isn’t expensive, so there really is no excuse. We’ve found an online course that is currently just £9.

But whatever the cost, they’re totally worth it and it really is an investment.

So what does pet first aid involve?

This course covers all the basics such as treating wounds, treatment of burns and what to do if your dog is choking.

Split into seven modules, it includes:

  • The importance of veterinary services; different types of veterinary services; necessary equipment for pet first aid
  • Understanding the anatomy and home examination of pets
  • How to check for vital signs; treating wounds
  • Treatment of burns and choking
  • Emergency pet handling and restraint procedures
  • Home care and treatment of hypothermia; dealing with drowning and bites
  • Household hazards; pet medication

It also covers pet CPR, digestion and what to do if your dog is dehydrated.

While you won’t come out prepared for a career as a vet, what it will give you is peace of mind knowing that you could potentially help save your dog’s life should you ever need to. 

Although we always hope we’ll never be in that situation, you just never know.

While this course is online and there’s no practical training, it could help to prepare you for a first-aid class.

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