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Woman sells Fortnum and Mason-inspired gift hampers for dogs

Karen is passionate about making her hampers ethical and natural

Katie Collier

Posted 2 months ago ago

One of the hampers and its contents. (Image: Karen Rhodes)

By Katie Collier  

A woman who found inspiration from a TV programme has created her own business selling luxury gift hampers for dogs.  

Karen Rhodes, from Coddenham in Suffolk, was watching a programme about Fortnum and Mason luxury hampers when she had what she called a “lightbulb moment”. 

The 43-year-old wondered if luxurious hampers were available for dogs. After a quick Google search, she found no hampers for dogs and the next day she bought the domain name for her website and Luxury Dog Hampers was born.  

The former dog walker set up the business to allow her to care for her dog, Bailey, while working from home. Although Bailey is no longer with her, Karen now has a Collie called Bertie and a Newfoundland called Arthur.  

Karen is passionate about making her hampers ethical and natural. The hampers have treats and toys inside.  

A hamper made by Karen. (Image: Karen Rhodes)

She said: “Everything is 100 percent natural so you won’t find anything that’s not 100 percent meat. It doesn’t have any unnecessary additives and ingredients.  

“The majority are from small businesses as well because I like to champion small businesses on the treat side and the same with the toys as well.  

“I like to make sure they’re ethically sourced and contain no plastics and are as natural as possible so I’m just changing my suppliers at the moment.” 

Karen allows for dogs with allergies or dietary needs to have the hampers readjusted so they are suitable. She’s also looking into starting a build-your-own option for her website where customers can choose what goes into the hamper.    

The busiest time of year for Karen is Christmas with the majority of her customers buying hampers for dogs belonging to their friends and families. Lockdown was also a period of time where the hampers sold very well but since shops began to open again, the demand lessened. Karen now says her work is picking up again. We wish her all the best.  

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