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Woman’s incredible efforts to rescue German Shepherd puppy and mother from heartbreaking ordeal

Tragic four-week-old Mo is why we should campaign for an Animal Offenders’ Register

Nia Dalton

Posted 35d ago

By Nia Dalton and Charlotte Regen

We have been moved by a woman’s incredible and heartbreaking efforts to rescue a German Shepherd puppy and mother from an abusive home.

Thanks to the inspiring Allison Clarke, adorable Mia is finally happy, healthy and safe with her new foster family.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for four-week-old Mo, who is motivating us to campaign for an Animal Offenders’ Register, to change the future for abused puppies. 

On August 25, German Shepherd Mia was taken in by German Shepherd Rescue Elite with her four-week-old puppy Mo - who was clinging onto life by a thread.

Both had been rescued from an abusive home in Worcester. 

Allison Clarke, 52, welcomed the duo into her Nottinghamshire home, in a bid to get them both well. 

Allison set up a camp in her aviary in her garden, and stayed with the mother and son for three nights before moving them into her home. 

After a painstaking four days, four-week-old Mo sadly crossed the rainbow bridge. 

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“He had got fading puppy syndrome and the mum was dry and she had no milk. Fading puppies need help within hours of being born.This little guy was four weeks old,” Alison said.

"The warden said the mum was emaciated but she wasn't. She was just very thin because she had just had a litter of puppies and it looked as though she hadn't eaten much since giving birth.

"This little puppy had issues right from the moment he was born. He was the sweetest gorgeous little thing. I started bottle feeding him and he wouldn't take it.

"When I saw him trying to suckle on mum, I would place the bottle there so he thought he was feeding on her but it didn't work. I tried everything. He was fading away more on Sunday afternoon (August 29), so I held him in my arms on a hot water bottle and he passed away.

"I was gutted. I had decided that by Sunday if he was going to make it then I was going to keep him."

(All images: German Shepherd Elite Rescue)

Despite losing her pup, mum Mia, has managed to find comfort in a new foster home. 

After coming to Allison full of worms and starving, the gorgeous girl now enjoys four meals a day. 

While there was a happy ending for Mia, Allison said this story isn’t unique and happens every single day. 

"Anyone who leaves animals in those conditions is vile. It makes me so angry that people do this and get away with it. It's disgusting," she said.

"It's devastating and it happens all the time, but what can we do about it? Sadly in rescue, this is not a one-off and it's heartbreaking. Someone will be doing it today and more puppies will die.

"The sad reality in society today is that if something's not what we thought it would be, then we just get rid of it."

If you think we should campaign for an Animal Offenders’ Register, let us know in the comments section. 

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