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Woman knits clothes for dogs and herself

Rebecca took up knitting during lockdown

Katie Collier

Posted 2 months ago ago

By Katie Collier 

Lockdown has been a great time to learn new skills and to perfect existing ones. This is when Rebecca Griffiths began knitting.  

The 29-year-old started knitting jumpers, vests and bags for adults, which she wears herself. Not long after this, she decided to try knitting jumpers and blankets for her dogs, five-year-old Tilly and two-year-old Trevor.  

She said: “It was just something for me to do to sort-of take my mind off things.” 

Rebecca, who lives in Surrey, knits the clothes with bright colours which she jokingly said her dogs don’t complain about.  

Tilly and Trevor wearing their knitted jumpers. (Image: Rebecca Griffiths)

She knows when the cockapoos aren’t enjoying wearing them and makes sure she takes them off. They don’t wear the jumpers around the house but sometimes they go on walks wearing them. 

Rebecca said: “My younger dog, Trevor, sometimes doesn’t want to [wear it] so I just take it off him but Tilly, the eldest one, she adores wearing it. It’s really funny. She sort of struts her stuff across the street. It’s really sweet.”  

Rebecca also made a blanket for her dogs. (Image: Rebecca Griffiths)

Although she doesn’t sell her clothes at the moment, Rebecca says it’s not something she is ruling out for the future.  

She said: “I mean if someone was to contact me then I could make them something and I would sell them but actually what I’m more interested in is making patterns so people can make them for themselves. But yes, if the opportunity arose then I would.  

“I’ve made a few friends’ dogs coats already and they absolutely love them but I would definitely sell them if there was an opportunity to.”   

If you’d like to see more of Rebecca’s work, you can find her Instagram page here.  

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