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Why is my dog eating this grass?

This is a serious call for advice

Ceri Gould Thomas

Posted 6 months ago ago

This is Tommy, my golden, laid-back, nothing phases him cockapoo.

However, when we go for a certain walk, a certain way, he becomes obsessed with a certain type of grass and I'm asking for advice.

Just what is he eating and why?

My guess is this guy just needs the roughage but why? I feed him dedicated cockapoo food which he adores. Yes, yes, okay, he does sometimes get some cheese, but how else am I going to train him to 'Go den!' on command?

Okay, yes, so on occasion he also gets a scoop of full fat Greek yogurt when I need to pop out and I feel guilty about doing so.

As dog trainer Graeme Hall of Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly infamy always claims - behind every canine problem there's a canine owner.

So, without owner-shaming, what is the grass and should I be worried?

Here's a pic of the grass. Ignore the ivy as he doesn't eat that.

What he can't seem to get enough of is this fleshy, stringy stuff. Ordinary grass he won't even consider but this, which seems to grow below garden fences and next to our quick 15 minute pavement walk, he savours.

It isn't always accompanied by the tell-tale (and gross) bottom-scooting that he will do when he really is having trouble in the bottom department but sometimes it is.

Here's a pic of Tommy really enjoying it - no amount of tugging at the lead and even me pretending I've spotted a squirrel doesn't encourage him away from that.

Therefore it's over to you cockapoo owners, or dog-owners or pawrents whose furry offspring just can't resist munching on the grass too. Email me on teamdogs@reachplc.com and I'll update this story with your suggestions.

From me and Tommy.

Thank you

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