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Why does my dog use his teddy as a dummy?

Suckling on things is comforting to our fur babies

Charlotte Regen

Posted 3 months ago ago

Puppies are adorable, it’s a fact! 

Everything they do is cute - even when they’re being naughty. 

When I spotted my little pup sucking on his favourite teddy like it was a dummy, my heart filled with love. 

But is it normal behaviour for a puppy? 

I contacted the PDSA who put the question to scientific officer and qualified dog behaviourist Rachel Malkani, who said that dogs may do this to comfort themselves.

“Suckling behavior isn’t usually associated with adult dogs, but more often seen and accepted as normal behaviour in cats”, she said. 

“However, all mammals have done this in their early years as a way of stimulating the ‘let down’ response for their mother’s milk. Not only does suckling provide milk, the mother and her young form a close bond at this time, which both mother and babe can find comforting.  

“Because of this, it’s not surprising that animals who are past weaning may still find suckling to be comforting, and use it to reduce anxiety. It shouldn’t be a cause for concern unless your dog is doing this excessively and causing themselves physical harm or injury in the process. Of course, if you’re worried, speak to your vet.”

If you’re worried your dog may be excessively suckling then you should contact your vet. But, if you’re not concerned just enjoy the cute moment. 

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