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Whippet has stylish wardrobe to match with his owner

The influencer says dressing comfortably is key and shopping sustainably is important

Chloe Bowen

Posted 2 months ago

By Chloe Bowen

With a wardrobe that would make many humans envious, four-year-old Lloyd the Whippet has a large collection of minimalistic and stylish outfits to match with his owner. 

Paz Castro, from Hackney, London, has bought Lloyd a collection of timeless outfit pieces to coordinate with hers. The jewellery designer said she was tired of bright clothing in pet stores and wanted Lloyd to wear outfits that identify with her monochrome style.  

Signature colours include creams, whites, navy, black and grey. Lloyd even shares a wardrobe with Paz and her husband, who says she and Lloyd take up most of it with their many coats and jumpers. 

Paz and Lloyd wearing matching stripes and grey hoodies (Image: @allaboutlloyd_)

Paz said: “I don’t have kids yet but Lloyd is my baby and I just wanted him to be a reflection of what I want. Recently he hasn’t been wearing anything but raincoats. In England you have to be prepared for whatever comes. But he’s very lucky to get sent lots of clothes.” 

Lloyd has a collection of raincoats which turns people’s heads in the street. But like everyone else, Paz has her more favoured outfit pieces to strut about East London in.  

“My favourite thing to wear is a big jacket – it will cover me from all the dog paws. It’s good to be able to not be bothered because you expect dogs to jump up you, it will happen. You can’t be too precious.  

“I love Lloyd in a onesie – he has a couple of those in different colours.” 

Over on their Instagram, they have gathered almost 25,000 followers for showcasing their twin outfits in beautifully taken pictures. Paz says she takes the images herself and usually uses self-timer to capture them. 

The duo have a range of coats. Here are two of them (Image: @allaboutlloyd_)

Originally from Chile, Paz created the account so friends and family in South America could see him in his outfits. “My mum knows that she can go to Instagram and see Lloyd. She is my biggest fan. If I haven’t posted she will remind me I haven’t posted many outfits with Lloyd.” 

Paz spent years working in the fashion industry, which is reflected in her and Lloyd’s style. Lloyd has even modelled for designer brands including Burberry and Axel Arigato after being noticed for his elegance and style.  

But over recent years, Paz says she is trying to become more sustainable with the clothing she and Lloyd wear. She also admits that they don’t always match outfits because comfort is key in life. 

She said: “I’m not a crazy spender. I still buy from the brands that I like for him. But the last few years I’ve decided to reduce the amount of shopping I do, and to shop better and more local. And practicality is important because obviously he’s a dog, he goes for walks and it gets messy, but I like to add in a bit of style. 

Paz and Lloyd in cream and white effortless pieces (Image: @allaboutlloyd_)

“We don’t match every day but I do try and at least match the tone. I wouldn’t put him in red and me wear something green. Most of the time at home Lloyd is naked. I won’t dress him for the sake of it.  

“If he’s cold he will get under a blanket. And I’m the same, the first thing I do when I get home is put on chilling clothes – there’s nothing better.” 

Although Paz has a creative flair, she isn’t thinking about creating her own line of dog clothing. However, she is contemplating making a blog to share fashion and travel tips.  

She said: “I’m terrible at writing, but something I would love to do is start a blog with Lloyd. So many people will ask me questions on how I travel with Lloyd, how to style him and I can’t answer them all. It would save so much trouble if I had a blog.”  

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