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Whippet goes viral on Facebook after video shows her playing dead

She has stolen hearts on social media by making everyone laugh at her bedtime antics

Chloe Bowen

Posted 3 months ago


By Chloe Bowen 

Willow the Whippet has hundreds of little quirks and funny ways of doing things, so every day is a comedy show for owners Kirstie and Jordan Holmes. 

One video in particular has made people smile as Willow plays dead each night to avoid getting out of bed for a final wee. The video has gone viral on social media after the Whippet made people laugh. We can see why everybody loves her. 

Kirstie and Jordan, both from the Lake District, said: “Willow came into our lives in February 2020 when she was just eight weeks old. We travelled halfway down the country to get her, and we knew straight away that she was going to be the only one for us. 

“Willow makes people smile wherever she goes with her beautiful orange stripes and puppy-like features. If you don't say hello to Willow, she will shock you with a wet nose to the leg so be warned.” 

Whippets are notorious for loving their sleep more than anything, so Kirstie did her research and bought a huge cave bed ready for Willow. 

“I was so worried that she wouldn’t like it and that I would have to find her something else. Little did I know that our worries should be more on how we would get her out of it, not in it,” she said. 

“Every night without fail, Willow will sense it’s time for her bedtime wee and she will close her eyes and hide her nose thinking we can’t see her. When we stand up, she refuses to open her eyes and Jordan always has to get onto floor level to ‘encourage’ her to gently wake up. 

“When she was a baby, we would pick her up every night from her cave and carry her to the grass. She would reluctantly go and then sprint back into the house right to bed without looking back or making eye contact just in case we stopped her from going back to sleep.  

Willow in her cave (Image: Kirstie Holmes) 

“Now she’s too big for me to pick up from the floor so we made the joke that she needs ‘lambing’ from the cave bed. But even this didn’t make her want to use her feet as she stays floppy and melts on to the next surface. 

“One night Jordan decided to see how long it would take her to admit defeat, and as you can see from the video, she was not going to give in. Jordan asked me to video it as he thought it would make everyone laugh.  

“We had no idea it would go viral, but we’re glad so many people loved Willow and could share in some of the joy that we experience every day living with her. I don’t know what people were laughing at more – her pure laziness and the sad little face she puts on, or my hysterical laughing in the background.  

“We loved that people were relating so much to this video and sharing their stories and photos in the comments. 

“Some of our friends and family hadn’t experienced the pure laziness of a sighthound before and we wanted to show them we weren’t exaggerating. I know a lot of Whippet owners can relate.” 

Kirstie said the best way to describe Willow is “kind”. She said, “I know I am biased, but Whippets are by far the funniest and most lovable, loyal breed going. Willow is absolutely textbook for a Whippet. 

“She gives the best snuggles and never fails to be the light in any room. We are expecting our first baby in October and we have no doubt that she will make the best companion to teach kindness and responsibility. It’s very important to us to make sure our children love and respect animals and nature. 

Owner Kirstie and Willow the Whippet (Image: Kirstie Holmes) 

“We would like to thank everyone for their positive comments and love towards Willow. She’s an absolute delight and she will never know what she means to us and others. Pets are a privilege and a joy, and we want to encourage every animal owner out there to love and respect their chosen companions.” 

Willow has climbed 78 out of the 214 Wainright Lakeland Fells, including the top 10 highest, with plans to have them all ticked off within the next couple of years. This won’t be the last we hear of Willow.  

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