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Which dog breed is the funniest?

Money.co.uk analysed the most viewed videos on YouTube

Chloe Bowen

Posted 3 months ago

(Image: Olena Brodetska)

By Chloe Bowen

Have you ever heard a biased dog owner say how their dog is just hilarious? Has a personality that makes them stand out from the rest? Can make everyone laugh with their tricks and traits?  

Studies have revealed that watching videos of dogs can relieve our stress and cheer us up, so it’s no surprise social media is swamped with cute videos of pups. 

Pet insurance experts at Money.co.uk wanted to find out which dog breed ranks as the funniest. They analysed 419* different dogs in the most viewed ‘funny dog and puppy’ compilations on YouTube and recorded how often each breed appeared. 

Featuring in the highest number of clips, Golden Retrievers seem to be the funniest dog breed. Of the 10 compilation videos analysed, Golden Retrievers featured 37 times.  

Famously known for their nurturing and affectionate qualities, according to YouGov data, Golden Retrievers are the second most popular breed of 2021 in Great Britain. 

The second funniest dog breed is the Siberian Husky, featuring 33 times across the videos investigated. 

In third position with 28 appearances is the French Bulldog, with Chihuahuas taking fourth spot, appearing 26 times.  

The royal breed of Corgis has 24 features, placing them as the fifth funniest breed. 

493 dogs featured in the top 10 most viewed funny dog compilations but 74 of the dog videos were of bad quality so were excluded from the study. 

Dog breed & number of appearances

1st - Golden Retriever 37

2nd - Siberian Husky 33

3rd - French Bulldog 28

4th - Chihuahua 26

5th - Corgi 24

6th - Labrador Retriever 23

7th - Bulldog 20

8th - Pug 18

=9th - German Shepherd 16

=9th - Poodle 16

10th - Bichon Frise 15

=11th - American Eskimo 12

=11th - Pomeranian 12

12th - Sausage Dog 11

=13th - Jack Russell 10

=13th - Staffordshire Bull Terrier 10

14th - Shih Tzu 9

15th - Shiba Inu 8

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