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When is the best time to walk my dog?

A dog’s age and health can have an impact on the most suitable time of day, as well as the time of year

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Posted 41d ago

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Written by Alex Davis

The best time in a dog’s day is undoubtedly their walk. Your furry friend relies on their daily adventure, not only for exercise, but also to build confidence in their surroundings and a greater bond with their owner.

Dogs are creatures of habit, so it is extremely important to time your walks as consistently as possible and make it the best experience for you both.

While the following advice can guide you into picking a suitable working time for your dog, the length and number of walks your dog will need will depend on their personality and breed.

Should I walk my dog in the morning?

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Morning walks are most recommended for puppies or older dogs as they will need to relieve themselves as soon as they wake up.

For owners living a 9-5 work day, an hour-long morning walk may also make your dog calmer in the evening and will allow more time for you to relax when you return from a long day. 

If you live in an urban area, try to avoid times where there is more traffic in order to make the walk a calmer experience for your dog. Try to walk your dog early in the morning or after shop opening hours to keep traffic and noise levels to a minimum.

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Dog’s noses are more sensitive in the mornings, so make sure you give them plenty of time to sniff around.

Should I walk my dog in the afternoon?

Afternoons are often chosen by dog-owners to take their pet on long walks, but this may not be the best idea in busy areas. If you choose to take your dog on a walk in these hours, try to take them somewhere quiet without the stresses of passing cars. 

If this can’t be avoided, focus on keeping your dog active for a smaller amount of time (30 minutes) rather than an extended adventure.

Should I walk my dog at night?

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Nighttime is usually the quietest time in the day, so is often perfect for taking your dog somewhere to relax. If you choose to walk your dog at night, ensure you are not overrunning them so that they can relax when they get home.

When should I walk my dog in the winter?

For older dogs, walking in the morning may not be the best idea in the winter. Cold temperatures can agitate conditions such as arthritis, which can affect how they feel throughout the day. 

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In these cases, it is best to walk your dog in the afternoon when it is hottest.

When should I walk my dog in the summer?

While this is usually the best advice to give, dog-walkers may need to adjust their dog-walking hours depending on the weather. During heatwaves, dogs should not be walked between 10am-7pm.

Walking a dog between these hours in high temperature can cause their paws to blister on tarmac, especially if the dog is very young or very old.

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