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What type of training is best for my dog breed?

Treat, scent and agility training and the dog breeds most suited to each


Posted 7 months ago ago

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There are so many different types of dog breed, with different physical needs and characteristics - but do they require different types of training? Dog owners often wonder whether these physical differences translate to temperament and personality as well - and whether or not there might be specific types of training that are particularly beneficial for certain dog breeds.

In truth, the personality of a dog is not affected by breed in the same way that physical needs are. When it comes to training a dog, any breed can undergo standard training successfully and without issue. Individual dogs may vary in results, but there don’t tend to be any obstacles to training based on breed. Nonetheless, there are types of training - be it behavioural or for exercise - that can be especially beneficial for or easier with certain breeds.

Treat training 

Training with treats can be a real boon if someone has a dog that just wants to eat all the time. Breeds that tend to have big eaters include Pugs, Dachshunds, Rottweilers, Labrador Retrievers, and Basset Hounds - though there are many others. Training involving treats tends to be helpful with these breeds for a couple of reasons. For a start, their sheer enthusiasm at being given something to eat will help a dog form positive associations with training much more easily - making commands much more likely to be followed as they spark a positive connection. In addition, a dog owner can take the opportunity to introduce some structure into their dog’s diet, which may be helpful if they’re constantly demanding food.

Scent training 

It’s well-known that dogs have a far greater sense of smell than humans - with a nose about 40 times as powerful as ours. However, even among dogs there are breeds with above-average smelling skills - including the Beagle, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Springer Spaniel, and of course, the Bloodhound. Scent training is great for dogs like this because it gives them a chance to develop their natural skill - making navigating the world via nose both more interesting and more enjoyable. Having to use their nose in such a specific and controlled way can also really improve a dog’s focus and impulse control.

Agility training

All dogs love to be active, but there are several breeds that are really designed to move, and get a lot out of regular extensive exercise. Often, these are breeds of dog like the Border Collie, Jack Russell Terrier, and German Shepherd - dogs that were bred with the express purpose of carrying out physical work like hunting or herding. Agility training is a real boon for these dogs, because they enjoy physical activity immensely, and require a fair amount of it to be satisfied. Agility training can give them this, and provide interesting challenges to keep the activity fresh. 

Ultimately, any of these training types could work for any breed of dog. What matters more than anything, is the commitment to training that’s required to make it stick, and make sure that the dog gets the most out of it. However, some of these could provide a more enjoyable and productive training experience depending on the breed of dog, which can be a real help in getting training to go smoothly. 

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