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What toys are best to get a dog’s brain working?

From the classic Kong to a snuffle mat - the food dispensing toys that will keep your dog mentally stimulated

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Written by Alex Davis

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Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is extremely important in order to keep them active and sharp; but what is the best way to do this? Luckily for us, there are a variety of dog toys on the market that can help us keep our pet’s brains ticking, catering to every breed, age and need.

To help you navigate the world of stimulating dog toys, TeamDogs has recommended four toys that are sure to keep your dog entertained. 

When choosing dog toys, it is always important to look at reviews and ensure they are from a recognisable brand. This way, you can be sure that the toy you are buying online is safe for your furry friend.

The Kong

A favourite among dog-owners since the 1970s, the Kong is an effective way of keeping your dog’s brain ticking for hours. 

Not only is the Kong effective for mentally stimulating your dog, it is also extremely tough and can survive the sharpest of teeth! The Kong can be used to help your dog feel comfortable while you’re out and helps ease destructive chewing habits.

The Snuffle Mat

If you want your dog to use their brain during dinner time, the snuffle mat encourages your dog to eat slower and smarter, which can be a huge benefit to their health.

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While the snuffle mat is proven to be extremely effective with most dogs, it may not be perfect for chewing dogs or smart breeds. While some dogs may sniff around to find every last treat, others may just pick up the mat and let all the treats fall onto the floor!

Outward Hound Dog Toy Hide-A-Squirrel

While there are a lot of mind-stimulating dog toys on the market, most of them use food as an incentive, which may not be preferred by all dogs or owners. If your dog is obsessed with squeaking toys, the Outward Hound Dog Toy Hide-A-Squirrel may be a perfect choice.

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Push the squeaking squirrels inside the log and let your dog pull them back out! The toy is also extremely soft and reduces the risk of injury.

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

The Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball is extremely simple to use and has a simple concept: fill the ball with your dog’s favourite treats and let your dog work them out the opening. What makes this treat ball unique is you can adjust the difficulty to suit the duration of play. If you want to keep your dog entertained; just tighten the opening. 

This toy is suitable for all sizes and ages and is sure to keep your dog active for as long as you need.

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