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What is TeamDogs?

How to make the most of our friendly community of dog lovers


Posted 6 months ago ago

So you're mad about dogs, probably a dog owner yourself and you’ve landed on TeamDogs. First of all, welcome!

But what exactly is TeamDogs all about? And how can you get involved?

Well just like you, we’re mad about dogs too! We love the adorable four-legged friends, they bring so much love and affection into our lives. 

But much like having a child, they also bring a lot of responsibility. They need grooming, feeding, walking...and they depend entirely on you, their owner.

But you’re not alone, TeamDogs is one big community of dog lovers. From the best walking spots to the best toys, our community is all about recommendations. And we want you to share yours.

How to make the most of the site

Have you found a good walking spot close to home? Do you have a favourite dog-friendly cafe nearby? Is there a particular brand of treats your dog just can’t get enough of? Share them with other dog owners.

From places to products, TeamDogs runs on recommendations. Whether it’s local to you or somewhere you’ve found on your travels, if there’s something you’ve found helpful as a dog owner, let our community know about it. It can be anything from groomers to insurance. Simply write a few lines about your experience, give it a rating out of five, and then share it.

Maybe you're new to an area, or to owning a dog, and you could do with some recommendations yourself. Use the search bar at the top of the page to find what you’re looking for. You can then sort by newest or by star rating.

When filtering the posts, you can also search for places, or by the age of the dog - whatever is the most relevant to your pooch. If your dog is only young, you might find the puppy feed the most useful. If they’re just out of the puppy stage, choose to search for posts relevant for a teenage dog. You can then filter it further by selecting one of the subcategories. 

For products the options are Foods and Treats; Toys and Chews; Insurance; Stuff and Bereavement. Or if you’re searching for places, the categories include Walkies; Sit; Pubs, Restaurants and Holidays; Vet and Grooming. Again, this can be filtered by stars.

This will then bring up a list of recommendations. And as the site grows, so does the amount of recommendations. 

Top Dogs

We all know there’s nothing dog owners love more than sharing adorable snaps of their four-legged friends. We get it, we’re the same. We just want the world to see how lovely our dogs are. 

As well as posting recommendations, you can also post photos of your dog in our Top Dogs section. Tell our community all about your loveable pooch. It serves only to give our fellow dog lovers a chance to coo over some absolutely beautiful pups. And we’ve already had some super-cute entries.

Following other users

We’re a social bunch here at TeamDogs so we wanted to ensure you can interact with other dog owners. You can do this by liking and commenting on recommendations.

You can also follow other members. Have you found someone who posts a lot in your area? Or maybe someone who has the same dog as you and you’ve found their posts really helpful. All members can set up a profile which you can click on from one of their recommendations. You can then follow that member to stay up to date with their posts.

Advice for dog owners

We understand that there’s a lot to learn when becoming a dog owner. You need to know how to care for them; how to dog-proof your home; what to feed them; how to protect them from theft...the list is endless.

TeamDogs can help on that front too. Alongside recommendations, you’ll notice a long list of stories. With everything from advice and tips to personal tales of dog ownership, we’ve got you covered.

And whether you’re new to dog ownership or you’re a seasoned owner, we’ve got stories to help you along every step of the way. From puppy-proofing your home to grieving for the loss of a dog, we’ve spoken to dog experts to offer you the very best advice.

Follow our socials

To ensure you don’t miss out on the latest from TeamDogs, head over to our social pages and give them a follow.

You’ll also find videos, memes, photos, tips and advice - it’s basically a dog lover’s dream. 

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