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What is a pound puller and why are they so important

Margaret works with a number of kennels and rescues to give dogs a second chance

Peter Harris

Posted 43d ago

(Lead pic: Margaret Bunker)

By Charlotte Regen

A pound puller plays a crucial part in saving the lives of dogs who may have become lost or ended up a stray.

When this does happen, you would hope someone would be devastated if their pet disappeared, but this sadly isn't always the case.

It’s quite straightforward to find an owner and give back their dog - if it’s microchipped. 

However, some owners don’t want their dogs back.

People have claimed that they have sold the dog and the new owner has failed to update the chip.

Which means the poor pooch goes to the pound.

The animal is funded by the local council to be looked after by the kennel for seven days.

But once this period of time has elapsed, the official funding is gone and the dog then becomes the pound's responsibility.

Which is fine as long as there is room for the kennel to accommodate them.

But have you given it a thought to what happens when the pound is full and a call comes in for a stray dog to be taken in?

Sadly if a dog hasn’t been claimed or adopted by the public and has been there a while, they may be euthanised to make space for another dog in need.

But, please remember that a kennel NEVER wants to euthanise a dog.

However, there are some wonderful people out there who are trying their very best to minimalise this happening. They are called pound pullers.

TeamDogs caught up with Margaret Bunker, from Leicestershire, in the East Midlands, who works with a number of kennels and rescues to help give dogs a second chance.

"There are dogs coming in all of the time. When I realised this was a real problem I wondered if there was a way I could help to stop the dogs from being put down, which is the case when they have not been claimed or no one wants them", she said.

"Facebook is a marvellous tool, so I used it to get my message across and I built up a number of rescues who are willing to take on dogs.

"So now the kennels message me about any dogs that are not obviously going to be claimed and I go and assess them and help find them a suitable rescue. "

The 76-year-old explained that she gets a list of dogs from the pounds who have been there a while. Her mission is to preserve as many dog's lives as possible.

"I have a lady that drives our transport van and she will take a dog to a rescue that has space no matter where it is in the country. We raised the money for the van through fundraising events," she added.

"So far I haven't lost any dogs. The hardest part is finding the right place for the dog to go. It just takes some sorting out. We aren't a registered charity, we are just a bunch of ladies who want to help the dogs.

"The kennels definitely do not want to put the dogs down but they can't say to the council that they are full. We are all working to prevent dogs in kennels from being euthanised.

"It's a very good job and there are lots of lovely dogs who get a second chance, which is how it should be."

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