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Watch the hilarious moment this owner found her dog wrapped up in curtains

This pup got a bit tangled up 

Georgie Hughes

Posted 5d ago

The Romanian rescue managed to chew a hole through the curtains (Image: @lucyrosetownsend on TikTok)

As much as we’d love our dogs to be perfectly behaved all the time, we know they can get up to their fair share of mischief.  

Ripping up cushions, weeing on carpets and digging holes in the garden, we’ve seen it all.  

But luckily this dog owner only saw the funny side when she found her dog in an unfortunate position - wrapped up in her curtains. 

Lucy Townsend, 23, hadn't been gone for long when her Romanian rescue puppy Kylie, 1, got into a spot of bother negotiating her way through the back door. 

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In the video Lucy says: “I absolutely dread to think what she’s done” as she walks into the room to find the dog tangled up in the drapes unable to free herself. 

Every dog owner has had that moment when we’ve walked in to find our playful pups doing something they shouldn’t, so we know just how Lucy feels. 

The naughty dog got in a muddle while trying to get out the back door (Image: @lucyrosetownsend on TikTok)

Kylie, who Lucy rescued from a shelter in November last year, managed to bite a hole through the curtains and got completely ravelled up. 

The hairdresser from Birmingham decided to catch the moment and uploaded the hilarious video to her TikTok where it has now been viewed over 600,000 times. 

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Viewers were loving the video and left comments only adding to the humour, with one commenting: “Has she been watching the Greatest Showman?”. 

Another said: “My favourite part is the number of enrichment toys in this video but your dog is like nope I’m going to make my own enrichment.” 

One commenter, who knew all too well what Lucy was going through, said: “You have just got to laugh in these situations or you’ll cry. I’ve had many a day like that last week”. 

Let’s hope Lucy managed to find some new curtains because it looks like those ones are irreparable. 

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