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Watch the adorable moment 39 pups jump into a pool to cool down

The pool was just what they needed on this hot day

Katie Collier

Posted 2 months ago ago

The dogs love to jump into the pool. (Image: Brenda Langley/Steve Chatterley/SWNS)

By Fiona Jackson 

We love bright sunny days but often need to cool down, like this group of 39 pups who leapt into a swimming pool to do just that. 

The bone-shaped pool is owned by doggy day care centre Lucky Puppy in Maybee, Michigan, USA. 

Lucky Puppy founder and operator Brenda Langley, 60, supervises her guests while they roam free in the pool for up to four hours a day. 

Brenda said: "I love pool time with the dogs, nothing is better than seeing them all 'let their hair down' and just enjoy life.   

"We have a swimming pool because I grew up with a pool and I feel every 'kid' should grow up with a pool. I can't imagine a childhood without a swimming pool, and these guys are just a bunch of kids that want to have fun."  

The dogs love the pool especially on a hot day. (Image: Brenda Langley/Steve Chatterley/SWNS)

The 20 x 40ft in-ground pool also has a shallow end so that the non-swimmer or more vertically challenged pooches can still enjoy the fun. 

Dog-lover Brenda said: "When I started Lucky Puppy, I had an above-ground pool of my own. The dogs would consistently jump in with me to swim.   

"After I replaced the liner a couple of times, I decided to give them a pool of their own. The swimming pool was built with the dogs in mind but I knew they wouldn't mind sharing. 

"It makes my heart swell with love and gratitude. There's nothing better." 

Keeping the pool clean is a challenge with Brenda's team sweeping it for an hour every morning, and strong filters working hard 24/7 to keep the water clear. 

There is also someone armed with a net for the entire swim session to deal with any rogue solids. 

The dogs love to play fetch with their toys in the water. (Image: Brenda Langley/ Steve Chatterley/SWNS)

Guests at the facility also enjoy two three-acre playgrounds and seven acres of Nature Trails where they can sleep in personal bedrooms with blankets and CDs playing calming music. 

Brenda said: "Physically, swimming is very good for the dogs, as you can imagine. The psychological benefit to dogs swimming is amazing. Not only does it bring a smile to their faces but it brings a smile to all of our faces.  

"I love that our pool videos can do the same for those that may be millions of miles away. I have had so many people write to me and tell me that it's the only thing that has made them smile in X amount of time because of personal challenges that they had been through. 

"I have also had many teachers tell me that they use our videos as a reward to their children, at the end of the day. I love that!" 

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