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Watch Lollipop joyfully zoom around park with friends despite missing legs

The paralysed pup was rescued from the streets of Ukraine

Tansy Liu

Posted 59d ago

This video of two-year-old rescue dog Lollipop zooming around the garden and play fighting with his canine friends is sure to make you smile.

Lolly was found to have been born paralysed after Handipet Rescue in the Czech Republic saved him from the streets of Ukraine and investigated intensively into his condition.

He was later transferred to a well-equipped animal sanctuary, Dogs 4 Rescue, in Irlam, Manchester, in August last year, where two other double amputee dogs Sherry, 11, and Gyp, 3, have also been given specialised care.

Lollipop (right) and Sherry (left) (Image: Dogs 4 Rescue)

Lolly is now living happily in the UK, rehabilitating other pups who also had a rough start in life.

Ali Hudson, 52, marketing and fundraising officer at Dogs 4 Rescue, said: “The first time Lollipop arrived at our centre, he just came in and started running around the park.

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“He was absolutely breathtaking in his happiness and lust for life. He has no perception that he's paralysed or he's lost both of his legs, and he just wanted to go and meet all the other dogs, which was what he did. He was like a little whirlwind that made our hearts melt.”

Lollipop on his wheels (Image: Dogs 4 Rescue)

In the video, Lolly was playing with Daria in the visitor area of the rehabilitation centre.

The one-and-a-half-year-old rescue from Romania arrived in a terrified state, but has gradually built up trust with other dogs and staff at the centre.

“Dogs like Lolly were like ‘come on, let’s play!’ So Daria gradually relaxed,” said Ali. “The UK dogs will teach the foreign dogs how to play with toys, and the foreign dogs will teach the UK dogs manners because they have really great social skills and body language.

“All the dogs here are on different journeys, but they tend to rehabilitate each other. So Lolly’s just helping Daria as much as she is helping him, because he's having the best time of his life.”

Lolly dressed up in Santa Paws, suit and bow ties sent by supporters (Image: Dogs 4 Rescue)

The kennel-free rehabilitation centre has had "very successful" encounters with paralysed dogs owing to its unique setup, and specialises in taking on the most difficult pups.

Ali added: “Daria was very shut down at her previous rescue centre. But dogs like Lolly have taught her that she can trust us because she has been watching their interactions with us all the time.

“We still have some work to do with her in terms of lead training, but now she's in a really good place so we've got a window to work with her.”

Dogs 4 Rescue rehomed two-legged Gyp earlier this year who helped his new owner overcome the fear of a traumatic car crash.

Gyp with his owner (Image: Dogs 4 Rescue)

Sanctuary dogs like Sherry and Lolly might stay with Ali and her colleagues forever at the centre, as their inability to control their toilet movements makes them harder to care for.

Luckily, they’ve got their own fan base of supporters who sponsor the pups from £5 a month to help pay for their lifetime care with Dogs 4 Rescue. Click here to find out more about how to sponsor a sanctuary dog.

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Ali said: “Lolly’s such an inspiration. It warms your heart watching him running around with other dogs. It makes you want to work harder for them.

“We love all our dogs here, but we have a phrase that we put on the things which is ‘be more Lollipop’ – that became a little hashtag we use on our social media posts.

“It's a privilege to live your life with these dogs because they inspire you every day. Lolly has the brightest soul. His little personality that is so full of happiness, hope and optimism just shines. 

“Our supporters have been saying that watching our dogs in these videos has helped them get through lockdown, which is just wonderful to hear.”

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