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Watch joyful reunion as dog missing for three weeks returns home

Willow the Whippet is now back at home with her two siblings

Katie Collier

Posted 2 months ago ago

By Sean McPolin 

Our furry friends are like family so it is heart-breaking to see them go missing. We’re so pleased Willow made it home safely. 

Watch the heart-warming video as the whippet was reunited with her brother and sister after being missing for three weeks. 

Willow the whippet was last seen at the family home in Wheatcroft Close, Murston, after wandering out of the front door. 

Despite huge efforts from her owners, Gary and Nicky Balderston, and friends, which included staying out late at night and knocking on doors, the one-year-old canine was nowhere to be seen. 

Her disappearance prompted fears from the couple that their beloved pet had been stolen, with their suspicions amplified after a series of unusual late night calls from a man claiming to have Willow before hanging up. 

However, this tale had a happy ending after the family received a call from a woman named Marina who had spotted a dog found poster outside a home just under a mile away in Peel Drive, Murston. 

Willow is now back at home with her family. (Image: Nicky Balderston)

An 80-year-old resident on the road had taken in a soaked Willow and cared for her before putting out the poster in his front garden, which was luckily seen. 

Willow returned to her family home to be reunited with her siblings. 

Nicky Balderston said: "We got a call from the wonderful Marina about a lost dog and we were so excited to find out it was Willow. 

"She was found by a man outside with no collar on and soaked. She's a bit skinny but in good condition. 

"I'm so happy she's back and so are her brother and sister, as you can see in the video. 

"Words cannot express my thanks to everyone who helped over the past three weeks."

Willow reunited with her brother and sister. (Image: Nicky Balderston) 

Nicky and Gary wanted to personally thank Nicky McCarthy from DogsLost, Sue Culmer from re-home animal rescue, Tina Towers and Tracey Wallace for helping them design posters and pictures for the Where's Willow Facebook page they set up, and Marina for realising Willow was safe and getting in touch. 

The pair have said they will continue to keep the Facebook page running, which has hundreds of likes, but change the name to Willow's Army and use it to help other people who have lost their beloved pets. 

You can visit the page here