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Watch hilarious husky pose in the most uncomfortable-looking position

Ganish wasn’t hurt, he just has a funny personality

Chloe Bowen

Posted 6d ago

Not only are huskies beautiful with their piercing eyes, fluffy coat and soulful howl, they’re also the class clowns. Ganish the husky sets a good example of just how silly they can be in this funny video.

People can vouch for the endless laughs they have when a husky is around because of their goofy personalities.

Ganish, a six-month-old husky from Texas, was casually chasing his tail while spinning on the floor, when he found himself in this situation!

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His owner, April Franklin, only managed to catch the ending, but you have to do a double take when watching the video. For a second it’s like a magic act but you finally realise his head is attached to his body – but surely that can’t be a comfortable position!

Ganish was chasing his tail in this position (April Franklin)

April, 43, says he is known for lying in weird ways but this may have topped them all.

She said: “He tends to stop doing stuff when I grab the camera. I was actually facing the other way and I heard a weird noise and when I turned around this is what I found.

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“I grabbed my phone so fast and I knew he was okay because he was chasing his tail.”

When April shared the video on social media, it gained over 2,000 likes and people flocked to the comments. Husky owners could relate to the odd behaviour while others said he looked broken.

If you are a husky owner, we’d love to hear about your dog’s weird and wonderful behaviour in the comments.

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