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Watch emergency rescue dog get hoisted into the air during rope training

Brave Buddy abseils with support from his team

Katie Collier

Posted 2 months ago ago

By Olive Loveridge-Greene  

We couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing dogs who work with the emergency services. We are incredibly lucky to have them ready and waiting to help us when we need it.    

This is the moment a brave emergency rescue dog remained super chill as he was hoisted into the air during rope training.  

Footage shows Buddy the Spaniel cross-breed on Avon Fire & Rescue Service's training tower with the help of a harness and rope.  

The training helps to familiarise rescue dogs with heights as they accompany emergency workers at outdoor rescue missions and collapsed buildings.   

Four other dogs took part in the training which saw the pooches harnessed to their handlers before ascending and descending the tower.  

Buddy was hoisted into the air during his rope training. (Image: Jon Mills/SWNS)

Fire Dog Buddy and his handler, firefighter Martin Tully, took part in the exercise last week. 

Martin said: “Since rescuing Buddy, he has gone from strength to strength and is a much-loved member of the team at Hicks Gate. I’m really pleased with how he’s done today. He’s really a part of the family here and at home.” 

Emergency service dogs are trained in forensic search techniques, victim recovery and various specialist skills including explosives detection. 

Their keen sense of smell has been heralded as more accurate than technology and the speed they can sniff out substances can drastically reduce the time of rescue missions.



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