Three new dogs have been added to the UK's Favourite Breed contest | TeamDogs

Three new dogs have been added to the UK's Favourite Breed contest

TeamDogs readers nominated these breeds to be included in the leaderboard

Leila Marshall

Posted 2 months ago

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By Leila Marshall

Three new dogs have been added to the poll to find the UK's favourite breed after readers got in touch to champion their picks.

You can now vote for the Bedlington Terrier, Samoyed and Great Dane as well as the other 37 breeds still in the competition.

These three will remain safe from Friday's eliminations to give their fans the chance to show their support.

The contest, in association with Pooch & Mutt, has already dropped 10 dog breeds from the contest in the first week of relegations - and there are now a further 10 at risk in the 'dog house' section of the leaderboard.

Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is a loving and intelligent breed. The dog, which resembles a lamb, does not moult so it would be a perfect choice for people with allergies.


The stunning Samoyed will definitely grab the attention of fellow dog walkers. With their bear-like appearance and pointy ears, they are very unique looking.

One of our readers, Simon Stiel, who nominated the breed, wrote: “You smile more with a Samoyed.” You can read more here.

Great Dane

The Great Dane is among one of the gentle giants of the dog world. With their loyalty and devotion to their owners, they make amazing family pets. 

One of our readers, Dr Robert S Pender, who owns 2 rescue Great Danes, nominated the breed. 

He said they are great therapy dogs at the hospice where he works, with a kind and caring nature, and they will stay overnight by the bedside of dying patients. You can read more on the protective breed here.

These dogs need your votes to stay in the poll and to be in with the chance of being crowned the UK's favourite breed.

The competition has been tough so far, with more than 2,000 votes cast across the country.

The next 10 breeds will be axed from the leaderboard on Friday morning. So don’t forget to vote.

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