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Three dog names beginning with the letter B and what they mean 

Find inspiration for your dog’s name 

Katie Collier

Posted 3 months ago

Dalmatian puppies. (Image: Coneyl Jay/Getty Images)

By Katie Collier  

Although there’s an enormous amount of names to choose from, it’s often hard to decide the one that fits best for your dog. We’ve listed a few dog names beginning with the letter B, along with what they mean. Last week we suggested some names beginning with the letter A which you can find here


First up is Bella. This name is said to mean ‘beautiful’ and is of Italian origin with links to ‘beautiful’ in Spanish, French, Greek, Portuguese and Latin. It is short for the name Isabella. Names also containing ‘Bella’ include Arabella and Annabella. You may have heard this name among celebrities with some well-known Bellas including the TV actress Bella Thorne and model Bella Hadid. According to a recent GoCompare study, Bella is the most popular dog name. It also sits at number one for most popular female dog’s name in 2020, according to Rover’s database.  


The name Bailey is a unisex name used by people as both a first name and surname. Bailey is said to be of English origin and refers to someone who lived near the outer wall of a castle in Middle English. It is also said to mean a bailiff, steward or official. According to Rover, Bailey was the eighth most popular name for female dogs in 2020. Jonathan Bailey is an English actor who plays Anthony Bridgerton in the Netflix show Bridgerton. Bailey is also the name of the male dog in the popular movie A Dog’s Purpose. 


This name means ‘pretty’ and is of Scottish origin. Other origins for the name are French, Irish and English. Bonnie Wright played Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films. Bonnie Parker was known for being half of Bonnie and Clyde with fellow criminal Clyde Barrow. 

Each week we will be releasing a list of names and their meanings according to the next letter of the alphabet, so check back to find out which names beginning with C we pick next week. 

In the meantime, let us know if your dog has any of these names or if you’ll be using one for your new pup. If your dog has a name starting with C, we’d love to know why you chose it. Send an email to 

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