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Three adorable lurchers are looking for a forever home together

Do you have room for Sass, Kai and Zeus?

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago

The thought of any dog being unwanted is heartbreaking, which is why we love to share appeals for those looking for a new home.

We’d rehome them all if we could.

Becoming pawrents is a joyous occasion, our dogs instantly become a new member of the family to dote on, cherish and love. But rehoming a rescue dog is extra special, it often gives these lovely dogs a well-deserved second chance at finding a happy home.

While some need a little extra attention and care to help them settle in and forget their past lives, what Sass, Kai and Zeus need is a home big enough so that they can be rehomed together.

The three Lurcher siblings have spent most of their lives together and are completely inseparable which is why Dogs Trust West Calder is searching for would-be adopters who can take them all on.

Aged between three and four, the adorable trio came into the rehoming centre together and are on the lookout for an owner who has room in their heart and home for three times the love. 

Could that person be you?

Susan Tonner, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust West Calder, said: “These three adorable lurchers will make amazing companions for the right family. 

“We understand that adopting three rescue dogs is a much greater responsibility than adopting just one; however the rewards of having these dogs in your life will make it all the more worthwhile.  

“Zeus is an extremely friendly chap who enjoys meeting new people and is more laid back than his other siblings. He is very gentle and loves getting his ears stroked. 

“Sass is the most affectionate and loves her cuddles, while Kai, who is the youngest, is very playful and has loads of character.”

What sort of home are they looking for?

Rehoming three dogs will, of course, require plenty of space. They’re also looking for an owner who doesn’t spend too much time away from home, unless their dogs can go with them.

Susan added: “We would love to hear from potential owners who have lots of space at home, with a large, secure garden for them to explore and play in. 

“They would benefit from their owner being around most of the day to keep them company, as they love their home comforts and enjoy getting in the car to go on exciting new adventures." 

If you think you are a match for these very hopeful rescue hounds, get in touch with the team at Dogs Trust West Calder on 01506 873 459.

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