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This week's #ThankDogItsFriday celebrates World Sleep Day

Don't worry, we're hailing it quietly

Millie Reeves

Posted 6 months ago ago

Every week we shout a huge 'Thank Dog It's Friday!' to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. But today we're saying it in a whisper.

It's World Sleep Day and if your dog is anything like ours, sleep is a very important part of the schedule.

And as the age old saying goes - let sleeping dogs lie - mainly because they look so darn cute when they're in the land of nod.

Resting is a key part of the day for the average pup with most dogs needing around 12 to 14 hours of kip.

So whether they like to doze in their bed, on the sofa or maybe even your bed (we won't judge), today we're celebrating just how sweet they are when dogs are dreaming.

If you have a picture or video of your dog snoozing, please sent it to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #ThankDogItsFriday

Need help getting your dog to sleep soundly?

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