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This is how to include your dog in your engagement announcement in style

Get your four-legged friend involved in your special day, says Emily Chudy

Ella Walker

Posted 28d ago

Getting engaged nowadays involves a fair amount of time thinking about how you will announce your news to the world; a few decades ago, getting engaged would involve a couple of phone calls, or maybe a notice in the local newspaper, but nowadays, the perfect Instagram post involves a lot of careful curating.

Especially for dedicated dog-owners looking to involve their pets in their big day, whether it's as a ring-bearer or an engagement-announcer.

If you or your partner has just said “yes”, here are some ways your dog can be included...

Image Amy Bradfield/Instagram

Get creative on Instagram

The first rule of including your pet in an engagement announcement is to get creative! Whether you're sending an e-card to your family, a save-the-date, or posting on Instagram, you'll want to make sure your announcement stands out.

Try out different poses with your dog, or check out pictures from people who have done the same – maybe you'll want your dog in the middle of both of you, or sharing the news with a sign or couple photo?

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Use a sign

If your dog doesn't like dressing up – or isn't well-behaved enough for a fun, posed Instagram photo – getting them to pose beside a sign should be easy enough for any pet.

A note or sign next to your pup announcing an engagement will add a little extra flair to the news, and will make sure that your four-legged friend is part of the excitement.


Tell the world with a bandana

If you're looking to get your pet involved with an engagement announcement, a bandana around their neck is a simple and very adorable way to include them.

This Etsy bandana comes in several different colours, and is a great way for your dog to announce to Instagram, “my humans are getting married!”

Buy it here:

Give them the ring

Now this one's risky, as some more mischievous pups may attempt to eat your brand-new engagement ring if you put it near their mouth, but for well-trained dogs, why not announce your big news by giving them the ring?

Simply place the ring on their nose or paw, and snap a creative photo for Instagram... but don't blame TeamDogs if your new jewellery gets nibbled!

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Image Brett Holmes

Treat your dog with the news

What dog doesn't love a good treat to celebrate with? If your pet is food-motivated and loves an extra-delicious bite to eat, then announce the news of your engagement with a personalised dog biscuit.

These biscuits, which are stamped with the words, “my humans are engaged”, are a fun way to include your dog in a way which they will definitely appreciate:

A friend getting engaged?

If someone close to you is getting engaged, a customisable portrait showing the happy couple with their dog is available in a wide range of breeds and colours, and will celebrate every member of their new family. Buy one here:

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