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This dog made an escape from his owners and caught a bus all on his own

Patch the dog caught the 21 bus in Plymouth after evading his owners

Ella Walker

Posted 39d ago

By Emily Chudy

This clever dog has been reunited with his owners after making a great escape from them and catching a bus - all on his own.

Patch the dog was found by passengers after he was spotted on the 21 bus in Plymouth without his human family. 

He was spotted on the bus on Tuesday - presumably enjoying the ride - but was reunited with his family after the passenger who found him sent out an appeal on social media.

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The concerned bus traveller said: "This dog got on the bus earlier with who I thought was his owner but he belongs to no-one on the bus… Anyone know who owns him? Got on at Saltash Road! Currently on his way to town on the 21, beautiful boy!"

Image: Plymouth Citi Bus

Sharing a photo of the mischievous pup on Facebook, Plymouth Citybus said: “We get some odd things in lost property, but today was a particularly odd tail.

“Patch escaped from his owners and decided to take a trip on the 21.

“After passengers noticed he hadn’t brought his human with him, he spent some time at our Royal Parade Travel Centre before being reunited with his owner and taken back to fur-miliar surroundings.”

Facebook users praised the dog’s sense of adventure, with one user joking: “Return ticket to Barking, please…”

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