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These pictures show the sleeping patterns of Britain’s beloved dogs

Do you know how important your dog’s sleep really is?

Leila Marshall

Posted 40d ago

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By Adrian Hearn 

Does your dog love to doze off on the armchair like an old man? Or do they sprawl out on the carpet with their legs in the air without a care in the world? 

Whatever position they snooze in, we can’t help but admire their cuteness while they catch some Z’s. 

But it’s important that we recognise the importance of our dogs getting some well-earned rest and know not to disturb them. 

These adorable images showcase the sleeping antics of Britain’s beloved dogs.  

Guide Dogs is raising awareness of the importance of sleep in the development of the nation’s puppies - encouraging midday siestas and a calm and quiet environment to relax in.  

They surveyed 2,000 dog owners to discover the positions our canine companions adopt for some shuteye - and the cute, and sometimes embarrassing, antics that go with it.  

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Britain's dog owners think their canine companions typically sleeps for around nine hours per day.  

The most common position is for the dog to be curled up (71 per cent), while 57 per cent lie on their back with their legs in the air.  

Most dogs (75 per cent) run in their sleep, and 71 per cent like to curl up (Jon Mills/SWNS)

But it is the strange locations where our dogs nod off which can raise an eyebrow. While most pick their beds, some owners admit to finding their dogs snoozing in a washing basket or over the arm of an armchair.  

Dr Helen Whiteside, Head of Research at Guide Dogs, said: “Sleep is incredibly important for a dog’s mental wellbeing, and it plays a significant role in learning and memory, which is why as part of our training at Guide Dogs we let our trainee guide dogs have a midday siesta. 

“There are lots of things that owners can do to help their dog get some good quality shut eye.  

“Dogs love routine so it’s important for your dog to have a calm quiet space with a comfortable temperature to sleep in.  

"For puppies and younger dogs, getting the foundations right will help support the development of good long-term sleeping habits.”  

Some dogs break wind in their sleep! (Image: Jon Mills/SWNS)

When they do nod off, three quarters of dogs appear to be in a deep sleep dream as they make strange noises and perform a static running action.  

More than half randomly let out a proper bark when they are sleeping. 

And 41 per cent of dogs kick up a stink by waking themselves up by breaking wind in their sleep.  

While the nation lovingly looks on or laughs as their pup sleeps, it’s important to remember the phrase ‘let sleeping dogs lie’.  

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Tim Stafford, Director of Canine Affairs at Guide Dogs, said: “We all love our dogs, but more than half of people admit they should educate themselves more on dogs and their sleeping patterns to ensure they’re living a healthy life.  

“To help our dogs get the best possible sleep it’s important to give them a choice, not only in where they sleep but the type of bed they chose to sleep in - some dogs will prefer certain types of beds, while others will opt for no bed at all.  

“It’s also really important to recognise that when a dog is in a bed it should be like a ‘do not disturb’ sign as, just like some people, some dogs can be grumpy if they are suddenly woken up from a deep sleep.” 

Guide Dogs has expert advice for making life with your dog a walk in the park.  


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