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These are the funniest pet names that vets on Reddit have ever come across

Could you call out “VajayJay”, “Stinkerbell” or “Potato” in the park?

Nia Dalton

Posted 2 months ago ago

From Bark Obama to Stinkerbell, our dogs’ names really do say a lot about our own personalities.

Some dog owners have been going the extra mile to stand out from the pack when choosing their pet’s name.

So much so, those who work with dogs have been left scratching their heads at some of the weird and wonderful names given to their four-legged clients.

They have taken to Reddit to share the funniest dog names they have ever come across – and we can’t help but laugh.

Reddit user u/Sigma_Rho asked in a thread: “Veterinarians of Reddit, what are the funniest pet names you’ve had come into your clinic?”

Here’s just some of the responses that made us chuckle – including Wedgie, Sausage Pizza and some surprising others. 

VajayJay (Image: Getty)


“I was a dog sitter. Owner had two jack Russell terriers. One named Vajay and another Jay. Together they were VajayJay” - SeriouslyJustJoking


“Worked at a daycare, bulldog named Potato, was a favourite” - Rockytana


“Vet tech here. Yesterday had a dog come in whose name was Poop. Honorable mention goes out to the cat at my last clinic that I had to do a callback on whose name was Sh*thead. Clients are always keeping it classy” - not_ur_avg_pupper

Bone Crusher

“Vet tech here. Best one was a tiny little Chihuahua named Bone Crusher. He was owned by an amateur bodybuilder. Guy was like 6'4 and close to 300lbs. Funny situation all in all.” - YouMightKnowOfMe

Mr. Pickles (Image: Getty)

Mr. Pickles

“I work at a doggie daycare. We have had a mini aussie named Crowbar, a cavalier named Chanel No.5, and a schnoodle named Mr. Pickles” - c_d26


“We had a dog nicknamed Noodle after getting a spaghetti noodle stuck to her face for half an hour. This is now what she responds to and therefore her name. Noodle’s a good dog” - everlastingSnow


“Not a vet, but I do work with animals. We had a dog named Lunchbox. Still can’t get over that” - yumyummers


“My sister used to work at a doggy daycare, and there was a dog whose name was Dammit. ‘Come inside, Dammit!” - Scarlet-Janefox

Big Dog and Glitter (Image: Getty)


“Had a neighbour once who had two massive Rottweilers and allowed their young daughter to name them Big Dog and Glitter” - justGusCos

Bark Obama

“My dog’s name is Bark Obama” - atreddit13


“We had two dogs come in named Peanut Butter (male) and Butter Cookie (female). Both responded exclusively to Butter” - chernoushka


“Had a pomeranian mix named Stinkerbell. She loved to get in people’s faces and kiss” - Howloutloud

Stinkerbell (Image: Getty)

Fetty Pup

“I met a one-eyed dog named Fetty Pup” - i_paint_things


“My Chihuahua is named Bacon” - mgrah3723


“My dog’s full name is Wedgie Jackson. The groomer always laughs when I bring him in…” - Ms_Pong


“Once had an olive yellow lab named Dawg” - unknown

Sausage Pizza

“Vet assistant here. We have a female dog named Sausage Pizza” - carlafigs


“My dogs called Taco” - Infinite_Pug


“A man named his dog Dieogi. The receptionist asked how it was spelled and he responded D.O.G.” - existential_panic

Johnny Deff (Image: Getty)

Johnny Deff

“We have a deaf dalmatian that comes in named Johnny Deff” - ohmyjessi


“Dog in my service dog class was named Toast” - unknown

Pooh Bear

“Not a vet but when I was a kid we had a dog named Pooh Bear and when we took him in for his rabies shots they called his name and the whole waiting room laughed. It was hilarious” - Savage_112

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