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Therapy pup swears oath to serve in his local police department

Chance will provide emotional support to officers and the public

Katie Collier

Posted 3 months ago

Chance swears oath to serve in his local police department. (Image: Matthew Newby/SWNS)

By Matt Clibanoff  

Dogs never fail to amaze us and we’re sure Chance has a bright future ahead of him! These adorable photographs show the puppy swearing an oath to serve in his local police department.   

Chance is a registered therapy dog and is tasked with providing emotional support to both police officers and the general public.  

The seven-month-old pooch can be seen placing his paw in the hand of Elgin, Illinois, Chief of Police Ana Lalley, while his handler, Officer Craig Arnold, holds him.   

Chance with Elgin, Illinois, Chief of Police Ana Lalley and his handler, Officer Craig Arnold. (Image: Matthew Newby/SWNS)

A representative for the police department said: “He’s a therapy dog for the public and the department staff.  

“If there’s ever any traumatic incident, he would respond to the location. Chance’s job is to use his experience and training to comfort someone after an incident, whether that means cuddling or playing.”  

In fact, Chance even has his own monogrammed cruiser that he and Officer Arnold are meant to ride in when reporting for duty. 

According to the Elgin Police Department, Chance went through the same swearing-in ceremony all officers in the city go through. 

“They swore him in just like an officer. The chief held his paw and gave him the same oath that an officer would read on their first day on the job. Afterwards, they did a badge pinning ceremony for him.” 

All of Chance’s law enforcement milestones and public interactions will be documented on his professional Instagram account, @epdchance.


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