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The top products recommended by you to grab in the Amazon end of summer sale

These are some of the products that have the Team Dogs community wagging their tales

Olivia Fox

Posted 54d ago

As Brits, our pets mean an awful lot to us and with 9.6 million pet dogs in the UK alone, there's a pretty big demand when it comes to buying products and accessories to improve the lives of our furry friends.

There are countless products out there, ones that promise to keep our pups entertained and healthy as well as one's that make the owner's job that little bit easier. So much so that it's almost impossible to choose when you're scrolling through endless reviews and opinions.

With Amazon's end of summer sale approaching, we've chosen 11 of the most highly reviewed products on Team Dogs to help you navigate the sales and grab a bargain.

1 - Kong, Senior Dog Toy

It would be a crime to forget senior dogs when it comes to dog toys as they still benefit from the engagement. Although they may not have the same strength in their teeth or gums that they once did, this Kong toy for older dogs is a great plaything as it features soft rubber which is gentler for older teeth. The toy can also be filled with treats to keep them entertained.

On Team Dogs, you rated this toy 4/5.

2 - Squishy Face Flirt Pole

Much like the almost chaotic name, there are so many features packed into this toy, allowing your pup to chase, catch, chew and play tug. It's also great when it comes to training to fetch, drop etc.

On Team Dogs, you rated this toy 4/5.

Squishy Face Flirt Pole

3 - ACME Whistle

For dogs who need a strong recall or suffer from the dreaded 'selective hearing', the ACME whistle can be a brilliant tool. The key is to build association with positive things and the sound of the whistle and you'll have recall nailed in no time.

On Team Dogs, you rated this whistle and impressive 5/5.

4 - SleekEZ Grooming Tool

This de-shedding, grooming tool is actually built to suit dogs, cats and even horses and works with both long and short hair. It provides a painless way to remove 95 per cent of loose hair, fir and dirt.

On Team Dogs, you rated this grooming tool 5/5.

5 - Pet Febreze

There are a lot of domestic situations when a quick spritz of Febreze can bring a room a new lease of life, eliminating odours. This Febreze however is specially formulated to tackle pet odour and is approved by allergists.

On Team Dogs you rated this 4/5.

6 - Starmark Bob-a-Lot

An extremely robust interactive toy, the Starmark Bob-a-Lot allows you to insert food or treats into the top which gradually will fall out as the toy is played with and 'wobbled'.

On Team Dogs, you rated this highly at 5/5.

7 - House of Paws Dog Bone Wire Storage Shelf

The attraction of this bone-shaped storage shelf doesn't end with its visual appeal, it also act as a basket and attaches to a door, proving to be handy to store all of your leads, treats and bags.

On Team Dogs, you rated this product 3/5.

8 - Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat

Trying to handle your mucky pup and making as little mess as possible is an ongoing battle after a particularly rain-soaked walk. These drying coats however wrap around your dog is easy to put on and will save them ruining your car interior.

On Team Dogs, you rated these coats 5/5.

9 - Nylabone Dura Chew

Synthetic are a popular choice for dog owners as they are less likely to splinter. Their tough durability also means that they double as a great teeth cleaner.

On Team Dogs, you rated this 5/5.

10 - Kong Wild Knots Bear

This adorable looking bear is made with as little stuffing as possible with the aim to create less mess when your dog gets a little carried away chewing their new friend.

On Team Dogs, you rated this 5/5.

11 - Kong Frisbee

More dog-friendly than traditional hard plastic frisbees, this one is bendy, meaning that dogs can easily pick it up in their mouth from a flat floor. It proves to be pretty indestructible for many dogs according to the reviews.

You rated this product 5/5.

What do you think of our picks? Do you think we've missed a gem off of the list? You can post your recommendations on the TeamDogs website.

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