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The sweet pair of elderly dogs looking for a retirement home

Best friends Blue, 14 and Lass, 10 are looking for someone to take care of them in their old age

Rebecca Astill

Posted 3 months ago

A pair of elderly dogs need to rehomed together as one relies on the other so much to get around.

Blue and Lass have been in the care of Hope Rescue for over a month since their owner sadly passed away.

Blue, the more elderly border collie, is partially deaf, and blind in one eye with limited sight in the other and can mainly only see light or dark.

Sara Rosser, who works at Hope Rescue, said, “He is lucky that Lass is a fantastic friend to him and acts as his guide. Blue gets a lot of comfort from her and is often seen resting his head against Lass or cuddled up to her sleeping.”

When the dogs are let out to run across the centre’s field, Blue seeks Lass out for comfort.

Lass is in better shape than Blue, but Blue does his best to match her.

Lass looks after her best friend Blue

Sara continued, “Blue still really enjoys pottering about, chasing her when she is chasing a toy and barking at her when he isn't quite quick enough to keep up!”

Recently, Blue had to go to the vets for an operation to remove a lump and rotten teeth. The rescue centre had to make sure Lass was occupied with extra activities while her companion was away.

Sara said, “When Blue returned he was a bit anxious and confused but as soon as he was back with Lass she greeted him and he immediately relaxed.”

Blue looks to Lass for comfort and support

The two dogs have an incredibly strong bond meaning they need to be placed in a home together. Hope Rescue are on the lookout for both potential foster and adoption homes.

They first came into their care after their owner sadly passed away and Sara explained that since Blue and Lass joined the pack at Hope Rescue, they have had little interest.

Although the rescue centre knows little of their history, they do know the two previously lived outside.

Blue and Lass are inseparable

Hope Rescue is based in Llanharan in South Wales and last year took in 907 dogs, 569 of which were strays.

Blue and Lass are only the latest in a string of dogs in whom they have restored hope.

If you think you could give a home to this older duo, find out more.

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