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The Staffie duo and other dogs wanting to come home with you

The 14 dogs are currently residents at Jerry Green Dog Rescue


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(Image - Rex and Milo)

Written by Charlotte Regan

You can’t beat hearing the little ‘pitta patta’ of four paws around your house – it’s a fact.

So if your house has sadly turned silent or you’re wanting to welcome a canine companion into your heart and home then take a look at the dogs below.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue has sites across the UK packed with dogs all seeking a second chance at life.

It’s currently home to 14 dogs including Staffie duo, Rex and Milo, who have recently formed a beautiful bond with each other.

If you adopt any of the dogs below, let us know how they’re settling in by emailing

Jerry Green Dog Rescue - East Yorkshire

Rex and Milo

Rex: Four-years-old

Milo: Three- years-old 


Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Rex and Milo are looking for a new home together after forming a beautiful bond. 

They are looking for a family who have experience with owning a staffy before. 

This adorable duo can be left for one to two hours initially as long as they have each other and, with time this could be extended to three to four hours. 

As they are looking for a new home together, a home with no other pets would be best for them. They would also love a garden with plenty of grass to run around in, and have lots of rolling around time!

Milo and Rex could live with children aged 16 and over following a successful introduction at the centre. 

For more information on this loveable duo call the East Yorkshire centre on 01430 449112 or email them on




Cairn Terrier Cross

Alfie is bursting with energy and so ready to find his forever home. He needs a very active family who would love a really affectionate dog.

Alfie is really sociable and has dog friends at the centre, so he could live with another dog pending introductions at the centre.

He can also live with children aged 11 and over. Alfie needs a family who can not only give him enough exercise might also keep his mind busy too with Kongs and toys. 

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A home that has experience with terrier breeds and/or energetic breeds would be best suited for Alfie. He can be left for up to two hours initially but this may be able to be extended slightly when he’s settled into his new home. To find out more about Alfie call the East Yorkshire team on 01430449112 or email us at

Jerry Green Dog Rescue - North Lincolnshire





Marvin is a young, lively, bouncy, playful pup who is looking for an extra special home! He loves using his long legs to run about playing with toys and his friends in the paddock, but what he really  wants is a garden of his own with a family. 

Having had a lot of upheaval in his short life, Marvin gets very worried when people leave him - even for very short periods. 

Marvin wants a home where someone is home all day and can be with you all the time. 

If you have got experience of dogs with separation anxiety that would be best as you will understand his needs. 

His new home would be with adults only and he would really like to be the only pet in the home, as he has previously been a little too lively for other dogs.

He just wants to play 24/7 and can get a little too much.

Marvin really likes to have dog friends so he can learn how to interact with different types of dogs appropriately. 

He does need a family who are happy to continue some training and the team will be able to guide you through what he’s learning. 

Marvin will give you so much love and will definitely keep you entertained with his cheeky personality.

To find out more about Marvin contact the team on 01652 653343 or

Mr Bingley




Mr Bingley is boingy and bouncy. He has been at the North Lincs centre for a few weeks now and is slowly making friends with everyone. 

He was very worried at first, but now he thinks the team are all great and loves nothing more than playing and cuddling with them. 

Now they have got to know him, they see he’s a super energetic boy who would love a new home where he can go on lots of walks and adventures - but in a nice quiet rural area as he still finds seeing people and dogs he doesn’t know a bit worrying. 

Mr Bingley’s new family will need to be adults only and without other pets, due to his nervousness and lack of experience around children and animals. They will also need to love cuddles as that is one of his favourite things to do. 

Anybody who may be interested in rehoming him will ideally live locally to the North Lincs centre as multiple visits may be required prior to adoption.

Rest assured though, taking time to get to know him is totally worth it. Contact the North Lincs team to find out more on 01652 653343 or



Saluki Cross

This is Skip but his new friends at Jerry Green think Tigger may be a better name for him as he loves to bounce.

Sadly Skip found himself  looking for a new home as he wasn't getting with the dog in his previous home. 

It's been a fairly overwhelming time for him as he’s only a youngster. Skip still has lots to learn, especially around meeting new people and dogs. 

So for now he’s looking for a quiet home as the only pet where he won't need to walk past lots of dogs in the street.

Skip would really love it if his new family had experience with nervous dogs in the past and are willing to carry on the training plan the team has given him.

Skip has been really enjoying  training so far and would love to carry on and maybe do some activities such as scent work when he goes home. 

Skip can potentially share a house with children over the key stage 3 age especially if they will play with him in the garden. 

Skip can be really snuggly and loves to sit on people's laps even though he’s a bit too big for that really. 

If you would like to know more contact the team on 01652 653343 or

Jerry Green Dog Rescue - South Lincolnshire




Terrier Cross

Bruce is an utter sweetie. He is quite a shy chap and can become a little overwhelmed in busy places, so he is looking for a lovely quiet, adult-only home. 

Once he gets to know you he is the sweetest young boy, who loves to play with  toys and cuddle, though he can be worried by new people and find visitors to the home very scary.

Bruce will need a home with no visiting children and few visitors, with space to give him a separate area away from them and follow a training plan to introduce any regular visitors slowly.

He would like to go for walks where there are not too many other dogs or passing traffic, so a lovely rural walk would suit him brilliantly - he loves car trips so he doesn’t even mind if you would like to hop in the car to take him somewhere quiet! He doesn't want to live with any other dogs (or any other pets at all really!). He could be left for a few hours, but not to begin with as he would like time to settle in first. Bruce absolutely loves playing with toys. If you would like some more information about him, please give the South Lincs Centre a call on 01205 260 546 or email them





Rose is a nine-year-old girl who everyone says is as sweet as pie. 

She is looking for a nice quiet retirement home with a big garden. It needs 6ft fences so that she can skip around and enjoy all the space.

Her favourite activity so far is snoozing, on the sofa, on the floor, on a beanbag, half out of her dog bed, you name it.  

She can get quite vocal being left on her own so she’s looking for her new friends to spend lots of time with her and gradually build up her leaving hours. 

Rose can potentially share a house with calm children over 11-years-old who will give her the space she needs. She can’t live with cats. 

If you would like some more information about Rose give the South Lincs Centre a call on 01205 260 546 or email them




West Highland White Terrier

Duchess is the sweetest little lady, who is looking for a new home.

 She doesn’t really like being left on her own, so she would love to have a new family with very low leaving hours. Ideally less than an hour a day

.She could live with calm children aged 16 or over, and she also wouldn’t mind living with a calm, small, older dog, who goes through life at the same pace as her. 

Duchess can get a little bit worried sometimes so she would definitely prefer to live in a quieter area. 

Her home must also have a secure garden with 4ft fencing minimum for her to potter around in. 

She is an older lady so is looking for somewhere nice and relaxed where she can explore and trot around. 

If you would like to find out more then please call the South Lincs on 01205 260546 or email

Jerry Green Dog Rescue - Nottingham




Basset Hound

Lenny is a sweet Basset hound who is looking for a home that must have owned the Basset Hound breed, a real Basset Hound lover is what he truly needs. 

He is looking for an adult-only home with no other pets at this time and needs a home where certainly in the initial stages someone is home all of the time to help him settle and monitor how  he is doing. 

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Lenny would love a garden where he can sunbathe and galumph until his heart's content.

He is looking for a quiet home that is able to help support him with his transition, if you feel this could be you then please follow fill in an application form.




German Shepherd

Atlas is a young German Shepherd who is in search of a new family that can keep up with his socialisation and current training needs.

He can be a little bit cheeky and is working on some training that will help him to be the bestest boy. 

Due to this he is looking for a home with experience of mouthing behaviours. 

Atlas needs an adult only home because although he loves people he can get a little over excited and forget his size at times. 

He would like to continue his socialisation with other dogs, at the moment he finds them a little scary when they are too close. 

He feels calm with a few calm walking buddies and could soon learn they are actually great fun to be around. 

Atlas would need to be the only pet in the home. He will need his leaving hours to be built up slowly as being a German Shepherd he does love to be around people as much as possible.  He does require a lot of mental stimulation too, if left alone for too long he may find other things to entertain himself. 

He would love a nice big garden where he could enjoy the summer days playing with his new family but would need 6ft fences. A paddling pool is also a must. He has got medical needs that can be discussed with the centre. 

To find out more contact the centre on 01623 792886 or email them on





Jax is a fun loving, active boy who loves nothing more than being out and about on long adventures. 

He can often be seen playing with toys and working on his training with the team.

He is looking for a family that feel they can keep up with him and who are able to keep up with his mental stimulation too. 

A family with some experience of dog reactivity would be ideal for supporting Jax. He is an independent character and sometimes can be worried by new people. He is looking for a family with older children (KS4) who have lots of experience with dogs due to being a little worried. 

He would prefer to be the only pet in the home too so he can have all your attention. Jax loves walks but prefers a quieter area so that he can explore in peace. The team have said he is a bit of an escape artist so he needs a super secure garden with at least a 6ft fence.

He is happy being left but this will need to be built up gradually, four hours would be his maximum once he is settled. 

To find out more get in contact Nottingham Centre on 01623792886 or email them at




Mastiff Cross

Bella can be a little clumsy sometimes. She is a super intelligent little lady that is looking for a forever home that has the time to continue her vital training and socialization. 

She needs a home that has experience of large breed puppies, it would also be great if you had experience of owning a dog through their terrible teens to help support her in the best way possible. 

Bella is looking for a home with no other pets as she will take up all of your time. It’s believed she was taken from her litter too early so she missed a lot of important lessons from her siblings.

She would be able to live with children that are in key stage 4 and above that also have experience of large breeds, this is so they understand to be calm around her and not be too rough with her. 

She would love for them to help with all the training that he has been working really hard on. Bella would be looking for a home where she  would never be left as she is destructive when bored even in really short periods of time.

However, this could be built up slowly as she settles. She would also need a home where your time can be dedicated to her and training so she wouldn't be able to cope even with someone who works from home.

 If you want to know more about Bella contact the centre on 01623 792886 or email on




Shih Tzu

Bertie is super friendly and full of character as Shih Tzu's are. 

Being an older boy, he is ready to find his retirement home where he is the only pet in the home.

He is a vocal little guy that loves to tell you how he is feeling. Being an older boy he does have a few health problems, but he still enjoys a little potter around to take in all the smells. 

A secure garden with a 4ft fence should contain him then he could then have endless fun playing with toys. He can be left for two hours at a time. 

To find out more about Bertie get in touch with the Nottingham Center on 01623792886 or email them at

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