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The simple reason why your dog keeps pulling on the lead

A dog trainer has said it’s not always the dog’s fault when it comes to pulling

Charlotte Regen

Posted 31d ago

The secret to stopping your dog from pulling on the lead has been revealed.

Pulling can yank all of the enjoyment out of going for walks and it’s often our dogs who actually take us for a walk. 

But a dog trainer has shed light on a simple way you can put a stop to being dragged down the street.

Luke Edgington, from Burton-Upon-Trent, claims pulling is not always down to the dog and it can actually be the human’s fault.

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Speaking to TeamDogs, the 36-year-old said: "It's about leadership, guidance, communication and patience.

"What happens is the human gets excited and gets the dog excited but when we go out the house we get pulled down the street.

"So wait until the dog is nice and relaxed before we go out. We are telling the dog to behave before we leave and patience beats stubbornness all day long but it's all about being assertive and not passive.

"Relationships are built on leadership, I want the dog to focus on me and that comes through discipline."

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