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The secret to my puppy training? A five-metre lead

Five-metre leads are perfect for controlling your dogs safely when you're out on a walk

Charlotte Regen

Posted 2 months ago

I love taking my dog for a walk every day.

It has amazing benefits for you and your dog and I believe you form a beautiful bond with them when walking.

My puppy, Bungle, is doing really well with his training and I do trust him off the lead - but only when I feel it's safe to do so.

However, there are some places where he must remain on his lead.

For example, nearby there are two country parks called Baggeridge and Himely Hall that are in the West Midlands.

Most days families and dog walkers flock to the beauty spots which cross over.

So when I walk Bungle - my seven-month-old Golden Retriever - over there he must be kept on his lead. To begin with, I used a retractable tape lead. However, it was so temperamental and never worked when I wanted it to and I hated the huge clunky handle.

So after a chat with Anna Webb, a nutrition and behaviour expert, she recommended trying out a five-meter training lead.

Anna, who also hosts A Dog’s Life podcast, said that she had created one herself for her brand and kindly gifted me one to try.

This is how it went:

To start, let's talk about how the lead looks. It's handmade in London and is made from a smooth strong material called biothane.

It also has a load-bearing trigger hook that supports up to 120kg. The lead is a bright orange colour which is great for visibility.

At first, I was confused as the lead was handleless - as are many training leads. For a bit more reassurance I made a makeshift handle with a strong knot that didn't come loose with tension - as you can see above- because I am clumsy.

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I had given the lead a go over the local park beforehand but found it quite difficult at first as Bungle kept getting tied up.

It didn't help that we were the only souls over the park, so the lead wasn't used to its full potential. However, I decided to give it a second go and headed off to the country park.

This time around I thought it was amazing. Once I'd got the hang of how to hold it and control it I found it flawless. We had no tumbles or tangles and I could reel my dog back in when another dog was passing or a group of people.

It can be quite daunting knowing how to hold the lead due to how long it is but in a matter of no time you find your flow and can allow more freedom or bring your dog in closer.

The lead is perfect if you're unsure about letting your dog off their lead. Let's be honest, with dog thefts on the rise you want to keep your dog close but not restrict all of their freedom.

It's also brilliant for recall training, or if you are not able to ever let your dog off its lead.

Speaking about her lead, Anna added: "Whether you’ve just introduced a puppy, an older rescue dog, or want to perfect a recall with your adult dog, MyLine makes training easy, consistent and fun.

"With outdoor spaces busier than ever a reliable recall is the most important command to teach your puppy/adult dog. Apart from possibly saving your dog’s life one day, in an age of dog theft, it’s inadvisable for your puppy/adult dog to ever leave your sight.

"MyLine will help you navigate distractions and with practice and repetition, your dog will learn that a five-metre approximate distance from you is the rule.

"You’re training your puppy to be focused on you! You are the source of his fun and reinforcement. Your aim is to teach him to ignore other dogs, footballs, joggers, cyclists and picnickers. MyLine is five metres and makes teaching boundaries indoors and outdoors a breeze."

If you would like to find out more about Anna's leads you can do so by clicking here.

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