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The police dogs fighting crime in North Wales

These are the secret heroes bringing justice in Wales

Rebecca Astill

Posted 3 months ago

The police dogs in North Wales are so well loved their Facebook account, joint with Cheshire police dogs, has accrued over 22,000 likes.

On the page are posts which share the highlights of work done by their canine recruits, giving them the recognition they deserve, including PD Luna who this week located and saved a vulnerable missing person.

Most posts accumulate over 500 likes with many hitting the 1,000 mark.

It is the content everyone wants, because we all know dogs make the world a better place for us humans, really.

Here are all the good boys and girls doing their bit for the country.

Police Dog Bryn

PD Bryn was on hand helping the intercept team when they stopped and pulled a suspicious car over.

Bryn was tasked with searching the car and came across the suspected drugs.

Good job Bryn!

Police Dog Gas

Gas was called into duty when a male wanted for multiple offences was sighted in Colwyn Bay.

PD Gas put his nose to the test as he was taken to the area of his last sighting, and from there, tracked the man down to a building where he was found hiding inside.

The suspect did not fancy his chances against PD Gas and gave himself up straightaway.

Police Dog Diesal

A car in the Conwy area failed to stop despite several warnings from officers and was then found abandoned in a boat yard just after.

PD Diesel was called up and arrived around an hour later. It was not long before he had sniffed out and found the owner of the car hiding in a cabin on the yard, who was arrested for multiple offences.

Police Dog Mikko

PD Mikko was on hand to deal with a man who had broken into a premises in Conwy two nights in a row.

The second night, PD Mikko was waiting for him. He completed a lengthy track of the offender and sniffed him out who was arrested.

You can run but you can’t hide from Mikko!

Police Dogs Bryn and Bart

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

PDs Bryn and Bart worked together to complete a drug raid in Anglesey. PD Bart led the way by containing the house, then PD Bryn stepped in and sniffed out the drugs the occupants thought they had hidden.

Great work from these two smilers.

Police Dog Guinness

PD Guinness is showing off his Heddlu harness here. On his first operational shift, he found an offender in Wrexham who tried to run from him.

The offender then thought he would try to take Guinness on… next joke please. Bad choice.

Police Dog Sansa

PD Sansa was called to duty alongside a team with a warrant to search an address in North Wales.

Inside, Sansa located a hidden safe, which contained a large amount of Class B drugs, cash and other drug related items.

Good work Sansa!

Police Dog Mitch

PD Mitch helped out officers in Towyn, in Conwy.

He helped to track down a wanted male who had previously evaded the police twice before. PD Mitch arrived on the scene and tracked the man down for his handlers.

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