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The perfect park where your dogs can run free and play safe

Bluerose Dog Park is 'like an adventure park' and proving increasingly popular

Charlotte Regen

Posted 2 months ago

Finding somewhere where you feel comfortable and safe to let your dog off of its lead can be difficult.

There are tonnes of things to consider such as who is around you and other dogs when you’re out on a walk, so it’s a comfort to know that there is somewhere safe to go.

But did you know there is the perfect park where pets can run freely and safely and it’s less than an hour's drive from Birmingham city centre?

Located in Swindon, Staffordshire, Bluerose Dog Park can be booked out privately so your dog can enjoy some time to run free or play together with some of their four-legged friends in the fully enclosed area.

Bluerose also holds socialisations classes so pups can be taught how to be around other dogs. They can also enjoy the agility equipment, toys and the huge pool to paddle in.

The park was set up three-years-ago by owners Deborah and Paul Lloyd, who used to show Belgian Shepherds and Malinios, for their 18-strong pack of dogs. 

However, the park became hugely popular so the couple opened it up to the public.

Speaking to TeamDogs, Paul said: "We wanted something a little bit different to other dog parks. We have got agility equipment, three pools, a nature walk and even a trampoline for the dogs to jump around on.

"We have made it like an adventure park."

Paul claims that the national lockdown is what boosted the business as people felt safer taking their dogs to his park.

"People wanted to come somewhere safe to keep away from others and it really boosted our business. They felt safer coming here.

"We also have people that come here who have seven or eight dogs and they can just open the car door and let them run free. There's a six-foot-high fence all around and we have CCTV in case anything happens.

"When you book the park you book it for you or whoever you want to bring with you. So we all know exactly who is there and what dogs are there."

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