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The most outrageously extravagant gifts you can buy your dog

From luxury carriers and collars to treadmills, video-calling automatic food dispensers and electronic smart 'bones'


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It’s no secret that Britain is a nation of dog lovers. 

Some owners even admit to loving their pups more than people.

And while many of us choose to show our dogs affection through cuddles, treats and letting them join us on the sofa - some prefer to put their money where their mouth is. 

The world of luxury goods for Very Important Pooches is a rather lucrative sector. 

And that comes as no surprise when some dog owners are willing to splash out hundreds - if not thousands - of pounds to keep their pups' tails wagging.

Lavish items can range from video-calling food dispensers and outdoor dog-activated water fountains to luxury carriers, designer collars and plush, velvet sofas.

So - just in case you win the lottery overnight - we’ve rounded up 11 of the most extravagant things you can spoil your dog rotten with. 

1. Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier 50 - £2,080.

Why would you carry your pooch from A to B in a standard pet carrier when you could transport them in Louis Vuitton?

The carrier is spacious, water resistant and scratch-proof. 

It comes with a double zip-around closure, golden brass pieces and a breathable mesh window. 

And it could be yours for a modest £2,080. 

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2. Amazon QNMM Pet Treadmill - £499

If it’s a bit too cold for your furry companion outside, you might consider buying a dog coat to keep your pet cosy.

But some dog owners, instead, are purchasing doggy-style treadmills for £499 per apparatus.

When it comes to ‘walkies’ during the colder winter months - just pop your pooch onto its miniature running machine, press start, and watch them go from the comfort of your living room. 

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3. Mugba Smart Pet Feeder with Video Monitor - £349.99

Instead of pouring dog food into the bowl, some dog owners have splashed the cash on smart, automatic pet feeders that can be controlled via your mobile phone. 

With two-way audio and HD camera features you can even call your dog, have them listen to your voice, and watch them enjoy their feeding time from your smart device.

The dispenser holds 4.5 litres of food that allow up to four set meals. 

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4. D for Dog Luxury Dog Bed - £375.59

The D for Dog Sandringham dog bed is more of a piece of furniture than a traditional dog bed. 

It comes in crushed velvet and is designed to maximise space and comfort so your dog can have a peaceful night’s sleep. 

You can choose from five different cushioned fillings depending on size and firmness.

It comes in a truffle - a chocolate brown colour. 

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5. Valentino Dog Collar - £180 

If you’re looking for a new dog collar, Valentino has several high-end options for your pet. 

With five different colour options to choose from, and in two different sizes, shoppers can get their hands on a luxury, studded dog collar for £180. 

Colours include Sheer Fuchsia, Rose Quartz and Saddle Brown. 

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6. Amazon's HAPPYX Luxury Dog TeePee - £52.95

The HAPPYX Pet Teepee provides your small dog with a soft and sheltered place to rest within your home. 

It comes with a cushion, is made out of canvas, the bed element is washable, and it can be used for dogs, cats, and rabbits. 

You can get your hands on one for £52.95. 

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7. MADE Dog Sofa - £129

If your dog isn’t allowed to jump up onto the sofa in your house - you could always get your dog a sofa of its own. 

MADE have created a super-modern, streamlined couch for your canine friend to enjoy. 

The ‘Kooper’ sofa, costs £129, and comes in a deep blue colour. 

It features smooth curves, velvet upholstery and slim brass legs.

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8. Mutts & Hounds England Dog Pamper Hamper - £98.50

If your dog has been going through a difficult time, or you want to reward some good behaviour - some owners treat their pets to a luxury gift hamper. 

The Ultimate Pamper Hamper from Mutts & Hounds England includes one doggy bag dispenser, one bow tie, one packet of chicken or salmon flavoured dog treats, one plush toy, one scented dog spray and one dual sided slicker brush. 

And there are plenty of styles of each product to choose from. 

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9. Selfridges, WickedBone, the Doggy techBAR - £119.95

Available in Selfridges, the techBAR product is a smart, safe and interactive electronics toy for dogs.

The bone is soft and very durable and an awful lot of fun for pooches. 

There are two modes to play with, one that allows you as the owner to control the WickedBone and the other programmed to interact directly with your dog.

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10. Outdoor Dog Water Fountain - £68

Your dog is probably used to lapping water from a bowl on the kitchen floor. 

But to save you the job of having to refill, is selling outdoor water fountains that are activated when your dog steps onto the sensor pad. 

The water fountain is one size fits all and comes in the colour white. 

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11. Luxury Pooch Sac - From £79

The Stylish Dog Company’s Pooch Sac is a 3-in-1 soft faux fur dog sleeping bag.

It can be used as a flat soft faux fur blanket, as a sleeping bag to keep your dog warm, or when rolled vertically, donut shaped bed.

The pouch sack makes a comfortable edition to a dog mattress or pillow.

Or it can be used on top of the bed or sofa to keep your pet extra warm. 

The Pooch Sac is fully reversible and available in a range of colours and styles. 

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